Friday, November 20, 2009

Releasing the Darkness

They came to me in a dream... I was clearing my energy from the journey out of the house that afternoon.  Connecting to the earth, grounding and soaring out into the etheric fields when the vision appeared. Out of the fog they rode dark and on horseback... jet black armor and armed to the teeth.  They startled me I will say. Enough to sink into a tai chi stance of readiness, poised for fight or flight, yet peaceful.

They circled me and in that moment it was the clichéd movie scene where the last man was standing and the enemy moved in closer forming a tight circle around the hero. I crouched lower and pivoted around, ready to act... building the energy of the first chi strike. Love my strength. Unconditional I filled myself with loving heart energy. They stopped. My love poured steadily, streaming out of my chest in a brilliant golden white field.

I surveyed the scene. My training dictated situational awareness and my senses responded accordingly absorbing every detail. Immediately it was clear they were not here to harm me, physically or energetically. Their were so many... legions, an army of darkness had me surrounded. I relaxed, stood up and got bigger.  Staying rooted in the earth, I extended my energy out and up. There were so many... I know, I repeated myself. But, there were so many of them on horseback, identical near as I could tell. 

Wearing steel helmets with just the eyes shining through, bright and alive I noticed. A formidable scene I acknowledged, as I came back down. One horseman had stepped forward and I faced him. I looked into his eyes to see they were the brightest of them all. He shifted in the saddle, a weariness exuded from him so palpable to me as I felt it through my forehead and into my brain, deep to its center. The horse snorted and I could tell he was happy.

We talked for hours in those moments, revealing deeply rooted evils. He told me that I was doing soul work. Reclaiming lost power and energy from the past was creating wholeness and my Authentic Self was expressing itself for the first time in a great long while. He showed me his influence over my thoughts, words and action in this lifetime and others... he had been with me a long time. Occasionally he would anger, but I just shone love on him and his men. 

It's not that he surrendered per se, he acknowledged that the light was all he ever wanted, but rather he told me that it was my work that had finally released him and his army from my service. The heart energy was still flowing freely as the men began to disperse, forming single file they dropped their weapons in front of us and trotted majestically into a portal of light. Hours passed, again in just a few breathes and the Dark Knight sat straight as the love poured through him and into his men.

Then they were gone and it was just he and I. Deftly he jumped off the horse and it galloped into the light, he watched it go. I noticed he was no longer wearing armor, simple white, although dirty and tattered clothing hung from his body. He was still facing the portal when I noticed just how similar we looked. He turned around and it was me... I waved as he turned again and walked into the portal. 

I felt my energy returning and began to integrate the pieces of my soul that were lost so long ago when I fractured and this evil being was created.  I awakened to my breath through pursed lips creating a surface tension as the air passed out my mouth and into my hands. Worlds are created on this breath and different realms of existence.  I have experienced many profound things as my soul heals, as my power returns and my light gets stronger.

Welcome to the Buffalo Diaries.

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