Saturday, January 30, 2010

Do the Work...

This is my mantra now. Do the Work...

I know what to do and how to do it. I know when to do it and for how long. And I know who to do it on and who does the work... Me.

If I am feeling other than Love and Kindness I know that something is up. This is the time to do the work. It is a form of super-consciousness, I think. An effort required so extreme as to create an entirely new world around me. My reality... a novel concept to me, having adapted to my surroundings all those years. But now, it’s my responsibility to anchor the Light and Love that is coursing through me... even in the face of doubt.

It comes in all forms, to be sure. It will come, whether I doubt myself or others are doubting me, it does come. And then, its back to the work...

Because I am on to something, this experience is so real; palpable in the ever present moment. I have peace in my life... Choices made for my highest and best good aren’t always the popular ones. They may have external consequences, but what is most important is my inner peace, the balance and harmony I have cultivated these past years... Very hard won all of it. And I will not falter... But I have and I got up and continued... Doing the Work.

The challenges coming these days are foundational in nature, aimed at undermining my growth. It as though the Universe is presenting the lesson one more time, a final exam before moving onto the next stage. There were times that I thought I had passed the “final” and then been presented a different iteration of the same simple concept, but wrapped in the complexity of external reality. It is my job to deconstruct, discern and act. And in staying aligned with my Higher Consciousness, with intention for the highest and best good for all involved I can see the best course of action.

I take action and don’t look back. Best not to doubt myself, in a world of doubters... Best to be a beacon of strength, steadfast and true. Trusting my Higher Guidance, internal discernment and Spirit, I am better able to embrace the divinity in all things; all experiences are before me in perfection, to gently guide me to the truth...

I may face anger, distrust, fear, hatred and a myriad of other externalizations, but these are not a part of my world anymore. When I identify them within me or around me, I go back to the Work... I stand in the Light of my Being, harmonize the forces within, clear out anything that isn’t me and move on...

The more I stay in the light, the more I see that I am drawing other beings of resonant energy towards me. These are the experiences that I choose to engage with and include in my world. They are Loving, kind, supporting and nurturing to the new conscious ways I am developing. They too are in alignment with Higher Consciousness and it is profound the connection that is felt when another resonant being comes near.

I allow both experiences to play out within the parameters of my existence, judging neither, Loving both, but aligning with higher consciousness at all times. I continue with the work...

Peace and Love

Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Forest Fire Finally Quenched...

There are times along the journey that I consult external divining tools. I have come to understand that these tools resonate with our higher consciousness and it never ceases to amaze me just how accurate they can be... This particular reading resonates with me for so many reasons... It came from the Sabian Symbols website... Check it out --->

A Forest Fire Finally Quenched...

        Enthusiastic drive and zeal can sometimes set off an uncontrollable and destructive chain of events. You may find that you have been caught up in such a situation, emotional or physical. There has been no choice but to fight for control and minimize the destruction. Any efforts will be, at last, successful. You are likely to come out of an experience with a new sense of commitment or a better understanding of the consequences of your actions.

Exuberant feelings that come after struggles. Running out of fuel. Calming down.

The Caution: Giving up too soon and losing it all. Self defeating delight in drama. Situations that produce a lot of rubble.

As the old ways are stripped away, I am coming to an acceptance of myself. I am that...

I have been so many things in my life, identified with an externalized definition of who I am, yet all of these things are me. They are what has led me to this place, right here... now. I accept these insights and take them deep to the epiphany that I am in this world and it is up to me to resolve and heal my human experiences so as to live a more balanced and peaceful now moment.

What do I want to be right now? Whatever I am faced with is the perfect iteration of experience for me to better come into balance and harmony with all that is. Those things that are in my life right now are present for me to interact with, make choices, learn, grow...

And in the face of it all, I choose Love... I choose Light. I forgive my past choices, I forgive myself completely so as to meet the light of this moment with my Authentic Self. That energy is constant within me, it has always been there.... Perhaps not always aligned with my choices, but no matter... I forgive myself completely... I let it go.

As I open my eyes to the world around me I see my energetic contributions. I can see my experiences for what they are, a result of the resonant energy present at their creation. I am responsible...

Forest fires can be viewed as destructive or they can be seen as a renewing force of nature... I choose the later in this parable. The wildfire that has raged throughout my life is dying down. And much like wildfires on the landscape, fire burns where the requirements of combustion are present... Fuel, Oxygen & Heat. Remove any of those elements from the triangle and the fire goes out.

The same is true for me now. The fuel (life experiences) is burning out... I am healing those life experiences that contributed to the destructive nature of my fire. There was a lot of fuel...

As well, I am removing the heat (with resistance comes friction, a source of heat). I am consciously relaxing into the experience now with much less resistance than I have known before...

And lastly, as the fuel burns out and the heat from resistance dissipates I am better able to master my breath... Oxygen. I can breath now with a fullness and calm that doesn’t create whirlwinds around me... The winds of change are subsiding now... a stillness has arrived.

I see the charred landscape around me as a beautiful palette for creation, filled with Prana and Possibility.

As the fire subsides, there are pockets of fuel that continue to be consumed, but I can rest calmly knowing that all is forgiven... I accept myself right now and I am committed to the new growth that springs forth after the fire...

Transformation, renewal... Life.

Peace and Love,

Monday, January 25, 2010

Where are the Medicine Keepers today?

In our society today, there is such turmoil... I feel it as though it were my own, even though I have been working towards a balanced and peaceful way.  A few weeks ago, while working with 5 other shamans, it finally dawned on me that I was an empathic... That I was experiencing, as though my own, the thoughts, feelings, emotions, pain and suffering of others.  Wow! What a realization...  Add this to my Shamanic studies and path that I have been walking for the past several years and things really started to make more sense.

I have been writing about my experiences of letting go, forgiving and releasing past discrepancies and experiences that were holding my vibration down, a weight has been released!  Literally, I have felt the densities leave me and my physical body has changed... is transforming into the vessel that is capable of running higher frequencies of light.  And as I consciously cultivate the higher frequencies through my body, running light and love, anything that is dense is breaking off... The proverbial "boat anchor" is being released...  Yay!  This is great news, as my old unconscious ways did weight me down and prevent me from seeing and understanding what was right in front of me... That is right in front of all of us, really.

As I step into my True Nature, I understand that I am a Shaman, a Medicine Keeper.  That I can harmonize the world's forces by harmonizing myself...  By living a simple life, aligned with Spirit I come into a more peaceful and balanced relationship with myself and with the world around me.  Is this not harmonizing?  I have seen it to be so...

A great many masters and sages have written and described this in a variety of ways over time.  Inner peace brings outer peace...  the concept is that simple.  However, I can tell you from experience it has been one of the most challenging experiences of my lifetime... and it hasn't ended yet...  Every single day, moment to moment... I am working with the energies.  Identifying what is happening and neutralizing.  As I understand better, it has been easier... However, my past discretions are mine to let go of, they did result from my thoughts, words and actions... my choices and I take total personal responsibility for them.  And as they are forgiven, released and the power and soul parts are returned I am coming into greater wholeness than I have experienced... ever!

As a result, I am seeing clearer now...  I feel the Love that courses through me, Source energy it is, very powerful indeed.  Powerful enough to harmonize the forces of the universe...  Medicine men and women the world over, Shamans all have understood this dynamic for millennia... And for the benefit of the tribe, they do the work to maintain their internal balance, for they know that is the key.

If we are to move into higher frequencies... to leave the density of the world's past behind, then we need the Medicine Keepers now more than ever.  We need so desperately to get it and shift the path that has been tread so deep over time... We can all do the work, we all can find our peace and bring it to all creation... Always and in all ways.

Please take a moment and decide what you wish to carry with you now.  Peaceful vibrations of Love and Light bringing balance and harmony to you and your surroundings?  or something else...  The choice is yours to make.  Will you find the Medicine Keeper in you?

So, in honor and appreciation of the Medicine Keeper who for the well-being of the Tribe harmonizes the world's forces... Thank You!


Wednesday, January 20, 2010


discernment |diˈsərnmənt|
1 the ability to judge well : an astonishing lack of discernment.

2 (in Christian contexts) perception in the absence of judgment with a view to obtaining spiritual direction and understanding

When I started to see the other dimensions, I must say that first time was kind of strange. It was long time ago, now that I look back I know I have been seeing since I was very little...three to four years old I can recollect being visited in my sleep... and in the dark, other times as well. They scared me to say the least. I had no idea, except that these things were not nice. Dark things were afoot, all around me, yet no one else could see them?

Too strange, my old self would have said... but that is not who I am now. This journey began, again... so long ago really. I did sell out early, but during it all I was afforded glimpses of the divine. I spent a lot of time in the Sierras when I was young, Yosemite, Sequoias... nature. I was lucky, I did have that and thank my parents for giving me such a gift.

It was this blessing that kept me always so close to seeing the truth as the sell out took me further and further away from my True Self. I stayed close to nature all through it, becoming a forester and wildland firefighter. But the corporate world sucked me in... then government service... societal conditioning and a life lived unconsciously finally crumbled and I sought the Truth.

The ability to see has always been available to me, even back then, but discernment... not so much. When I was in tune with the natural world, balanced and peaceful internally, I was able to have it. The time in the canyons of SW Utah with my ex-wife, when the sun was setting and the energy shifted into just a total sense of dread... quick discussion and pack up and head to another spot, we did. And a good thing too, I know now... the Navajo and other SW tribal mythology talks of skinwalkers, sleepmakers and other evil spirits in the canyons, so I am not at all off base with some of the things that I have seen.

My experiences are not unusual to cultures that practice shamanism, which has been around since time immemorial.  Seeing and interacting with the spirit worlds is very real and can have amazingly profound effects on the self and others. It is powerful medicine and discernment must be cultivated along the way.

I have seen the effects that dark energy has on me and I now see the influences, entities and dark forces that perpetuate the dark realms. It is so very important to understand this dynamic, as one’s power is returning... Much of the time for me, I am reclaiming my power from those dark forces that I let into my life and were running the show.

I am reminded of the Faustian tale where the astrologer and sorcerer sold his soul to the devil for powers and gifts beyond human comprehension. Over time, even he I suspect forgot the “deal” and moved through his life with great powers sourced by the devil or darkness. But, in the end Mephistopheles comes to claim his due... Faustus’s Soul and so, there is no turning back for him. He used the power for his benefit, perhaps even to help others along the way, but remember, the source of the power was darkness...

Discernment, ever so important as the Faustian tale perpetuates even today. We may be accessing energy through our practice, we may even be able to use it to our benefit or others; seeing it or channeling it as positive energy by either our will or claim, doesn’t make it so if it is coming from a dark source. Energy is energy, true and it can be used to heal a variety of physical and spiritual ailments, but if the source is dark there is going to be a pay-off in the end...

Better to see the world around us with open senses, perceiving the truth... “what is really going on,” as it were. This is discernment, I think. To, without judgement perceive a situation and find the source, a spiritual knowing... Is it pure, unconditional, Source Love? or is there a catch? a hook perhaps. Is it laced with anything?

As power and lost Soul Parts were returned, I began to develop Discernment. As the light got stronger, the frequency of my being started to vibrate faster and faster. I noticed density in a different way and I noticed the vibratory differences between light and dark. I began to notice the dark beings again, trying to get me to return to the old ways. Trying to infiltrate my peace and tranquility with their agendas.

Now that I can discern this, I am better able to make choices that are aligned with my highest and best good. Discernment is critical when navigating ordinary, as well as non-ordinary reality. Without it the traps, pitfalls and manipulations are all around. By stepping into the light of my Authentic Self, I am able to see...

And it has made all the difference.

Peace and Love!


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Soul Retrieval Primer

In many belief systems, the Soul is considered to be the immortal, timeless authentic energy of an individual human being.  This energy, your authentic self, is anchored in your body through a complex network of energetic connections to your physical body of which the "chakra systems" are a part.  While it is anchored to the physical body, the soul is free to  travel or journey throughout the energy worlds, dimensions and realities that exist within and around each and every one of us.  Many of us experience this through our sleep cycles and in the dream state.  However, that is not the only way to journey.

Shamans cultivate through their practice of healing and forgiveness and release of the past the ability to enter a higher state of consciousness with discernment and direct the journey through focused intention. This means they interact with the energetic surroundings they journey through... Truly this is conscious dreaming or participatory dreaming, whereby the Shaman journeys to places for the purposes of healing, knowledge and understanding or deep insights.  For the purpose of this article, we will focus solely on journeying for the healing purposes of soul retrieval.

While we are experiencing life in the human form, our thoughts, words and actions create energetic implications that can have long lasting effects.  When our actions are aligned with our higher purpose, with the natural loving nature of our authentic self, we experience the loving timeline... Absolute perfection, bliss... we are in alignment with Creation, or Source energy and we are furthering our Soul’s growth... But, if we are out of alignment, and we act (thoughts, words and actions) against our authentic nature of love and kindness, we create a fracture in our Soul. These experiences are generally considered to be traumatic in some way, as is the nature of going against one’s higher purpose. This fracture splits off a piece of the Soul and holds it in the same vibrational reality that the fracture occurred in. And here the piece remains until it is retrieved, healed and reintegrated into the energy body... These experiences have occurred over many lifetimes, including this one.

Symptoms of soul piece loss can be felt as depression, lethargy, suicidal thoughts, negative thought patterns or even physical illness. There is a cord that connects the piece to our energy centers, so in essence it is not gone, but rather you are connected to the piece in the dimensional reality where it is trapped. Whenever an experience triggers a similar trauma, all the energy and emotions of the original experience are felt, and one often has unpleasant sensations come into the mind and body. These are related to the old ways, as our natural state is one of Love and Kindness, Compassion and Joy. Recognizing this dynamic is important for a successful Soul Retrieval experience, as one needs to completely embrace their Authentic Self to access the will power to move past the discomfort, to sink into a peaceful place and allow the energy to move. The Shaman assisting the movement of energy is doing so with your Soul’s approval and this is expressed by your will(ingness) to forgive and release the past, thus allowing the Soul Piece to be freed, healed and returned to you. So,if you are feeling other than Love and Kindness now, it is very likely to be related to a soul piece being tortured by the original experience. Trust that when the piece is retrieved, healed and reunited, you will have greater access to your Authentic Self, will be free from the effects of the triggers and well on your way to experiencing the Loving Timeline.

A soul piece is held stuck in time because of an agreement, or contract that went against our highest and best good. This agreement is continually honored until it is cancelled. Additionally, soul energy can be lost as a result of a spell or curse that we may have placed upon our self, or that was cast by another. Again, just another form of agreement against our highest and best good that we need to break. By canceling contracts and breaking all spells and curses made against our highest and best good, we free up stuck energy and allow it to be returned from the dimension that it is being held.

As the soul pieces are retrieved and reunited with the Authentic Self, a release occurs. During the soul retrieval process, it is normal to experience a flood of sensations, emotions, feelings and memories related to the original infraction... It is imperative to focus on Love and Kindness, Forgiveness and Release, as well as follow the instructions of the shaman who is doing the work. Do not follow the stream of thoughts as the farthest they will take you is where you have already been, rather focus on a mantra of what you choose to create or affirm for yourself now. Let it go... This release process is very important, as it cleanses the body, mind and spirit from all the built up negative or dark energy that has collected in the physical and energy bodies. We must do this release with grace, as all the negative energy from the past will be moving out allowing for the returning authentic energy to reintegrate.

This is where forgiveness comes in. We must deeply, to the core deep, forgive ourselves and take total personal responsibility for all our thoughts, words and actions. By doing this very personal practice of forgiving and taking responsibility, we are allowing our soul to shed the burdens of past misguided actions and return to wholeness. By forgiving ourselves, others, situations, stories, experiences, etc we can come into wholeness and healing of the root experience that has caused suffering.

The release process lasts as long as it does... generally speaking it seems to take 12 - 24 hours to fully release all the old energies and experiences. During this time, it is important to nurture yourself as though a newborn. Allowing your new self to truly let go of the past and come into the present unfettered by those old energies. Good to stay away from negative or violent music, movies or people during this time. Alcohol and cursing have an especially detrimental effect to the process. Please refrain before, during and after Soul Retrieval.

Epsom salt baths, along with experiences of the natural and beautiful world around us are ways to facilitate the release. Take the bath, ask the saltwater to absorb negative energies from you and release them back to the earth for recycling. Take a walk in nature, experience the beauty of now in whatever way works for you. Whenever sensations, thoughts, or feelings come up that are aligned with the old energies, please don’t connect to them. Watch for attempts from the dark energies to work through your reality to renegotiate and renew the contract, agreement, spell or curse that has been cancelled or broken. Stay in your light. Take your forgiveness even deeper and really let go... You will know when it is complete because you will experience a lightness of being that is so profound as to bring an honest and genuine smile to your face that comes from the depths of your soul! This is you, your Authentic Self... welcome home!

in collaboration with
Deva Michele McCune

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Total Personal Responsibility

It all comes down to this... I take Total... Personal... Responsibility...  and just let that sink into the depths of your being.  What does that mean, as it courses the waterways of your entire being?  Total Personal Responsibility... Let's get used to the resonance of this frequency and then apply it to all of our thoughts... words...  and actions.  Wow!  Now that is profound!

This is an affirmation to your Soul that you are waking up.  That you are beginning to see just how your thoughts, words and actions are contributing to your current situation.  Let's not apply any judgement, rather just sit in the revelation that whatever is going on in your life right now is something that you are creating...

I have come to see this over the last two years of training, an immersion into Shamanic studies opening my perception to the energy dynamics of the universe.  I put the mirror up  and travelled into the depths of what I saw to discover a truth so profound as to change me completely and forever...

By taking total personal responsibility for all my thoughts, words and actions I came to see what I was making of my life.

When I was angry at someone... I now saw that I was the source of the anger, not the blame that I was projecting on the other person or situation... it was I who could shift the emotion into a place of neutrality and slowly I began to do so in my relations to all creation.  It was such an epiphany when I saw it!

Again, I encourage us all to take it deep, this notion of total personal responsibility...  Because it is the gateway to another way.  It shows us, as we explore it, just what we need to look at in our lives so we can move past the blocks that we have created for ourselves.

Angry at someone?  Put up the mirror...  Look at the anger within you.  Take responsibility for it, recognize that with this anger a cloud forms around you that prevents you from experiencing reality.  Do this with all emotions over the next few hours, days...  Work with this energy and see what comes up.  See the reality around you through the filter of these experiences.

Taking responsibility also means that we can shift... We can choose!   I chose to transmute my dark emotions... thoughts words and actions with Love and Kindness.  Starting by Loving myself completely, I found that I had to heal many aspects of my being... Forgive, Release and let go.  So important these steps were to opening up beyond the world that my darkness had created...

So, the next time you find yourself in an intense emotional experience, perhaps it has escalated to argument or beyond, disengage completely and look inside... Ask yourself, what do I need to see to release the emotional/energetic charge in this situation?  What do I need to let go of, forgive and release?  Then will it to be so... Work with you, first. Choosing Love and Kindness as the basis for all your actions is a good starting point... See what happens as you make this internal shift and align with your authentic heart energy.  This is our gift ... Bringing peace to the world with Love and Kindness.

First we must clear and heal our  internal worlds so we can truly resonate peaceful vibrations into the Universe.  Embrace this new beginning and carry it with you.  Make peace in your daily life... Find Love.  Find Kindness... For all Creation.


Saturday, January 9, 2010

Soul Retrieval

Here it is, Saturday morning... 9 days into the new year and I am clearing the way to a new reality.  I have discovered a life-long energy stream that I carried into this dimension... this 3-dimensional reality, it appears from birth.  Sounds strange... but it doesn't make it any less real for me.

My belief as to whether or not something is happening in a spiritual or paranormal way does not negate the actual happening of said experience. There are other dimensional realities, spirit worlds, higher dimensional states of consciousness where entire "mirror" worlds exist.  These mirror worlds contain all the energy, thoughts and intentions that are present in my 3-d state of experience.  So, if I am making unconscious choices that are not aligned to the light in my 3-d world, the energetic worlds respond in kind by taking my soul energy into darker and darker places.  This is a cycle as well... as my 3-d choices take me further away from my Soul's growth, my corresponding mirror worlds become darker and more entangled with the demons and entities that are for the dark side.  The darker my spirit worlds are, the more I see darkness all around me...

It seems that all the unconscious choices that I have made during my life, especially those that were not aligned with my higher consciousness or that did not advance my soul development, have created a perpetual situation that is playing out in my current 3-dimension reality... a loop, infinite in nature until broken, my experiences and choices for experience will continue to be "a little bit of history repeating"... until I break the cycle completely and create a new experience.

 What am I trying to say?  It is forming, the words to express what I am seeing in a shamanic way... Please be patient with me as I express the profundity of these insights.

The choices that I made along the way... each had Soul implications.  Was I in alignment with my highest truth, that which advances my spiritual development or did my choice go against that and move me further away from my Soul's Journey?  So, let me say this about my Soul's Journey... I believe human beings are spiritual, multi-dimensional beings with great capacity for universal truth and knowledge. That we are here, in this plane of reality to experience something very profound.  That we are to realize that we are the source of creation and that we can rise up out of the darkness perpetuated by our societal view. And that our pure energy, our Authentic Self wants to return to the wholeness that it once knew... to be reconnected to the brilliant, loving and pure unconditional love of Source.

Herein lies the crux, as I have seen it...  I was so wrapped up in the world that I had created with society's permission that I was completely blind to any other option.  For me, my career, marriage, habits, addictions, personal and family views all contributed to being part of the system... A "cog in the wheel", just another piece in a perpetual puzzle designed to keep us all in the dark.  To keep us from seeing, let alone experiencing the truth...

It has taken a great deal of personal effort to come to this place of understanding, along with a willingness to let things go... as I have said before.  Healing the past with soul retrieval has been very effective.  As I journey and retrieve lost pieces of my vital life energy, or Soul, my being is coming to a place of wholeness I have not known in this lifetime. Most all of my life choices, and I take total personal responsibility for them, have been mis-aligned to my authentic self and thereby created the fracture.  As I heal those infractions, I now see that I am developing new habits and behaviors that are more aligned to my highest and best good. I am now making conscious decisions and creating thoughts, words and actions that further my soul's development... This is a good thing!  As I said the other day... I can't go back!  As I continue, my physical body is becoming healthier and more alive, my mind is becoming less chaotic and spastic and my spirit is thriving... It is all connected, if one is out of balance so to are the others... and if the individual is out of balance, so to is the world around them.

So, today I am off to Scottsdale to participate in some Shamanic training and healing sessions. Yay!

Peace and Love everyone!


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy New Year! 2010 into the new decade...

Dec 26, 2009 
Letting go is a process. One thing comes right after the other... Immediate is the need to resolve these issues it seems, otherwise why would they keep coming to me? And perhaps that is the quandary  that I myself am creating... Perhaps as I address the dark energies that lurk in my shadow self, I allow their temperaments to affect my reality. I listen... or I wake up and don't realize that I am in a world of grey, seeing out of concrete eyes and wrapped in concrete wings, with a grimace frozen in tortuous contort. 

I chose to look at my shadow side earlier this month and have been processing experiences ever since.  I have come to the core. To the heart of the matter, as it were... encased in concrete it becomes if I do not shed the statue that has encased my being impenetrable to the Love that surrounds me. This I have experienced... cycling between open and closed, closed then open... relaxed then constricted... the cycle continues. I do not need to continue the experience as such, but rather understand what is happening.  From this place of understanding, I am finding more compassion for myself when I falter, as well as learning new ways to keep myself free from influence, clear and aligned with my higher self.  

January 7, 2009
I started writing this entry the day after Christmas. I was recovering from a hit to my power center(3rd Chakra) while doing yoga. I was incapacitated for almost 2 weeks; forced immobility prompting deep inner journey work. I was guided to many experiences in my past that I still carried with me energetically. It felt as though parts of my body were here, now in the present moment, yet there were sensations telling me that there were other parts that were stuck in other realms... other experiences. 

There was a visceral heaviness, deep in the bowels of my being, yet the rest of me felt light, free and filled with high vibrations. As I moved around, this heaviness was very restrictive and wasn't allowing me to fully expand into the light of my authentic self. As I meditated, expanding my shamanic view I saw the other dimensions of reality that are all around us. These energetic worlds are inhabited by other possibilities in the quantum world. There are infinite possibilities and they all exist simultaneously to our shared present moment. 

I was afforded an amazing opportunity to experience this phenomena first hand while recovering from physical symptoms so intense as to ask for a miracle healing. I have had crippling back issues before and moved past the physical symptoms, but this time it was different. I couldn't stand, walk, roll over in bed, let alone get out of bed without assistance. I couldn't provide for myself, bathe or go to the bathroom. It was very compelling.  

My training has sharpened my capacity to see past the physical and into the energy worlds, so I saw this physical experience as an energetic one and set about to make amends... This journey led me to a deeper spiritual understanding of reality that has forever marked my being. I just cannot go back now...  A shamanic journey is an experience of the inner realms accessed through deep meditation and applied consciousness.  It is a kaleidoscope of colors, lights, images, movies of past experience or other worlds. It is rife with imagery, symbology and mythology; spirits and guides abound both light and dark in nature in this non-ordinary reality. It is a place where all things are possible, where thought and intention instantly manifest reality... mirror worlds, if you will, where a mirror image of myself conducts an energetic existence that has gone unnoticed by me until now.

It is to these worlds that I have travelled to reclaim lost energy from my unconscious past. There I witnessed energetic contracts I made in my current past, as well as past lives that was contrary to my higher purpose. These agreements against my highest good fractured soul energy from my being and has held it stuck in the energetic realm that resonates with the  frequency of the infraction.  Over lifetimes of experience these energetic worlds have taken on a life and reality of their own, with my fractured pieces of energy carrying out the contract, spell, agreement or curse  in non-ordinary reality for all time... Karma a good way to look at it.  

But in seeing this for myself, I feel empowered to act. No longer do I need to fall back on the way things have always been, but rather I can now guide my life with conscious clarity.  Choosing to heal those experiences (reclaim my energy) made along the way, mistakes made by an unconscious being unaware of the truth about our reality, has brought an inner peace and tranquility I have never known. 

This profound healing comes from soul retrieval, a shamanic practice whereby stuck energy is retrieved from whatever dimension it is being held in then cleansed, purified and brought to a resonant vibrational frequency. It is then reintroduced into the energy field,  reuniting lost parts bringing one closer to wholeness and the authentic self.  

In this way, I have begun to heal and have greater access to my higher consciousness. I continue to get stronger as my energy returns and my power grows. I am getting closer to my authentic self... and the journey continues.

Happy 2010!