Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I am dancing the Dance of Life now, having released many major blockages the other day. It is not over, to be sure but I am gaining ground fast these past several days. My clarity is strong, my intuition my guide and Love and Kindness my way. Stuff still comes up to be released, but it went very easily. I reclaimed a very important and key piece of my Soul signature the other night and it shows in my being.

My work is getting stronger, seeing is becoming easier and there is a general ease about me that I hadn’t had before. I have and continue to see All That Is... It is flowing through me as I stay clear and in my light. I am allowing the guidance to come and I listen. In the stillness, it comes... the knowing of. And as I gain my strength and power, there are challenges and many ways to manage them. I have chosen Love and Kindness. I claim and maintain my sovereignty. I know what is best for me right now and I see where I may falter if I engage in certain situations.

In this sensitivity, I have noticed that there are triggers that activate in me deep programming and I have had the propensity to slip into a different state of being when encountering those triggers. Also, I have noticed that what was a trigger in the past has little effect on me once I have done the work around it. Yay! There is a way to be free! Forgiveness and Release... Love and Kindness... These are the tools I needed for the journey. These monikers instruct to let it all go and radiate the Love that is the Source of all Creation. To embody the vibration of Love and activate parts of my being that had been dormant for so long.

Well, I acknowledge that this has been an arduous journey, but I have said many times it is worth it. The relentless pursuit of the Truth brings about Freedom. I am in better health and wellness than I have ever been in my life. My 20 year old dance teacher took me for a 25 year old and was shocked by my age in years. My mind is clear and the toxic emotions, thoughts and voices that once ruled the roost are at bay. I have acknowledged much about myself and sought to understand me. What I found is wonderful and I know how to stay true on this path. The journey has presented many things along the way that have been moved with Love. Much darkness faced and dispelled by just Loving more.

When I see a potential trigger I look at what is happening with the energy and ask Creator what is in my highest and best good. In the stillness comes that answer and I listen. Oftentimes, triggers present themselves right after a release and return of big life-changing Soul Energy. In my case, I have been doing some big work and just released a major blockage that had been holding me back for most of my life. So, I am sensitive now. I just received a piece of me back that I haven’t seen or experienced in so long. I need time to integrate and come to know and understand this part of me. During this time, I must surround myself with like-minded, like-energy people, places and things... experiences. Walking into the shadow of what I just released and am healing is self-sabotage and an alignment with the dark. I am Light and Love incarnate. Darkness identified in me is to be released immediately without pause or question because that is what my Authentic Self wants and that is why I am here. To heal...

So much to heal I understood yesterday morning as my Brother Joseph and I shared a Lakota Pipe Ceremony at Shaman’s Cave. My physicality in this dimension is so to act out the experiences necessary to cleanse my Soul Energy. In doing so, I am contributing to the health and well-being of All That Is. This is the Truth. It comes to me that we, human beings were never meant to go down the path that we did, but somehow we forgot a long time ago who we really were. Humanities choices on a mass consciousness scale, manipulated by the dark forces of power, envy, greed, lust, anger, fear and hatred, has brought us to a precipice. It is all right here before us if we choose to see. And so there is much to heal, I know... and I know that healing myself is the way to contribute to the healing of All That Is.

I have made my choice... I stand for the Light. I stand for Love. This is my choice, final answer. The internal debate has ceased and that bridge has been crossed. I am on the side of Light.

One must choose for themselves where their alignment is. Personal choice and free will requisite for the journey, one will come to many challenges that require discernment, trust and inner guidance. But the choice must be made... There has been acceptance, I have observed the “way things are” and a general malaise regarding personal spiritual growth. But it seems as though things are shifting. People are awakening and beginning to see. Choices are being made and those that are aligning to the Light are experiencing a number of life-changing things. For all people this time is one of vibrational shift and it brings clarity if one allows it. It is a process, every individual different in their experience, but thematically there is common ground.

The old ways are rooted in darker frequencies, were developed under dark regimes and have perpetuated suffering throughout the world for thousands of years. They other than worked for spiritual growth and access to the Divine. Well, that is what is happening right now, spiritual growth... So they don’t work and I am letting it all go. I have chosen and understand now that in my blissful ignorance of the past, in not choosing to see back then I lost all my power and the choice was made for me... I was plugged in, just another part of the mass consciousness guided by slower vibrations.

In choosing the Light, I have become devoutly steadfast in my highest and best good. I am listening to the guidance from my higher consciousness and it is leading me farther away from the old ways. I am less able to relate to people, places and things... experiences that are rooted in those old ways. There is less energy to relate within and often there is very little to say if it is an experience relating to people. So, I have found myself going within... Staying present, conscious and aware. When I am faced with a trigger, something that tries to pull me back into my own connections to the past and the old ways, I am ultra-sensitive. The energy I have worked so hard to get back is so fresh, like a baby new... I must protect it as the new being it truly is. The allure of the old ways a strain on my newly returned energy and so I choose to limit my exposure.

In doing so, I realize that I am certain that this is the right thing for me now. I am certain that my spiritual growth and Freedom is my number one priority and I am taking steps to strengthen my new ways of being. I am finding experiences that are reinforcing the new ways and I embrace those fully. I am less inclined to just go out... When I do it is with purposeful intent that I do so and when I do I share Love with all Creation. The Muses, my Guides and Helper Spirits are all around me and I release myself to Creator that I may be a vessel filled with Love. That I may think, speak and act with Love and Kindness in all situations.

This is my destiny, this is what I chose and this is what I am...

Love and Kindness,

Friday, March 26, 2010


I am Love and Kindness,
I feel Love and Kindness,
I share Love and Kindness,
I Love myself completely,
I Love all that I am,
I Love all Creation...

Today I mourn the loss of my innocence. It was taken from me gradually, slowly and insidiously with great resistance on my part. It was by design... A part of the world we live in, resonant with the vibration of mass consciousness. Fit in to the societal norms and expectations and to do so meant the loss of much of my Authentic Soul Energy. I was born into this world with the knowledge of different things. That perfect balance of Yin/Yang, masculine/feminine, harmonious to the natural way of things.

Now I see how it happened and understand why... And so it can heal.

There was a trigger yesterday that brought on emotions... I lost consciousness and later realized I had been taken over by an angry little boy acting out through my physicality. I took total personal responsibility for my thoughts, words and actions during that time and I began to see what was happening. I was being given an opportunity to look into the depths of my life experience to understand why I was having the emotional response and subsequent acting out.

I was led back to very early childhood experiences and memories. I saw the programming taking place. Playgrounds, daycare, Kindergarten, all revealed more to see. I remember being met with disapproval, disdain, uncertainty by others. I didn’t seem to fit in... Something about what I was doing didn’t match the frequency of society. I do see now that all children are truly creators in awe of it all. The discoveries and insights blessings of each moment understood by the Soul dominated being.

Some time along the way, things started to change. Socialization is something I remember from psychology or sociology classes. The conforming of the being to societal norms, expectations, rules, etc. I was shown my early experiences with this process of conformation in vivid detail this morning, I saw myself in the school setting, not understanding why I couldn’t align with what I was being taught, but getting a tremendous amount of disapproval if not doing the “right” things.

Everything about that time was about fitting in... I didn’t, until I did. And therein lies the trauma. When I gave in I turned against Creation. When I rolled over and started to dutifully participate in the system is when the fracture occurred. I experienced the pain of it all again this morning as my angry little boy showed me all that I needed to see. I watched as I fought against it... Tried to explain that it wasn’t for me. That what I wanted or needed to learn for my highest and best good wasn’t the teachings I was receiving. I didn’t want to plug into those ways, but as a child needing approval I began to do what it took. Fracture...

So I went against creation and that is what traumatized my Soul. I lost a tremendous amount of power as a result and it created a giant hole in my being. As I continued towards membership in the herd I saw that by conforming in school I began to conform with those around me. When I didn’t, I had no friends... when I did there were other kids around me. But I did things that were not for my highest good and I made choices that weren’t of the Loving frequency. I did this early on to fit in and was tortured as a result. That is what it feels like when going against creation. Torture.

As that was happening, I saw that the ones I thought I could turn to and trust completely weren’t really there for me. Both working professionals and also plugged in, my experiences must have been really challenging for them. Night terrors, demons and darkness... monsters under the bed are experiences that I remember. There was coaching and guidance to follow the path of instruction being provided to me in school, that was the most important thing.

I saw the times that I came home from school and cried, the fracturing of my soul so painful as I struggled internally about giving in to it all. There was so much going on and I saw it all, the angry little boy exposing the entire timeline for me to heal. I asked why he was angry... and he revealed that he felt betrayed. The illusion or societal matrix was not real and he knew it, but he/I didn’t have the strength to fight it any longer and I failed at that time to stay in my Authentic Being. He wasn’t heard, nor supported to the level that he was seeing. He admitted he was angry and thus projecting blame on people, places and events.

I was told in that moment to forgive and release it all, yet I still struggled. I was mourning still, however as the physical discomforts of the release subsided I began to take leadership and started to ask what this angry little boy needed to forgive and heal. He needed to be heard... He needed for me to listen to him and understand that he knew things about things I am soon to discover. He wanted to be heard then in a context that was not allowed and I told him that I was stronger now, more mature and that it was safe to come home. I told him that I wouldn’t make the same mistakes, that I would continue to retrieve all my power and Authentic Energy until I was whole and complete as Creator originally intended. That I would carry the light into myself to reveal more of me that has been hidden from my being... To heal those dark places.

As I listened, tears of joy, grief, sadness, despair, hope and finally to Love and Kindness streamed down my face a river of relief, forgiveness and release I held the timeline in my hands. That’s correct, I held the entire energetic timeline in my hands vibrant and alive pulsing with the frequency of the healing. Waves of emotion ran through me as I healed this Soul Piece one of this biggest on this path of redemption. I have to forgive. I am forgiveness and compassion, I forgive and release myself.

So I went deep and continue to go deeper still as the timeline in my hands heals. I must forgive, for myself and this angry little boy all the experiences on this timeline where I went against my highest and best good.

It is so as I say it to be so. Talk we did and he continued to reveal things to me, just moments ago he showed me that I was on the right path...

at this point I stopped, took a deep breath as deeper still forgiveness and release was about to occur and I noticed that my word count was 11:11, a spiritually significant number signifying synchronicity... I was releasing for about an hour then came back to write the rest...

And so I listened. He told me that I was a vessel and that the past is only the past if I hold onto it. He explained that if I was holding onto it, I needed to process something and it would not be forgiven and released until I did. He showed me that the body temple of the Soul, is as light as the Soul if we allow it to be, but as we go through this life experience we tend to hold onto the past and thus our bodies became denser. As I experienced this in a physical way, I acknowledge that it is true. I was holding energy and it was sticking to me physically as well as energetically. Blockages created by density as other parts of me were getting lighter.

It felt as though going through the eye of the needle and that frequency that can’t pass through is stuck holding the rest of me back. I must release it. I must let it go by forgiving it completely, allowing it to release from my entire being. Coming into this Now moment without that baggage of the past allows me my freedom. I am not a slave to my past any longer. I am Free. I am Sovereign. I am the Light of this perfectly functioning body, the Universal One, beyond this perfectly functioning mind I am a complete radiant being.

I understand this now, how it makes a difference. I choose Love. I choose the Light that makes me lighter, wholer (new word ) and more complete. I choose Love and Kindness. I choose Forgiveness and Release so as to better experience the perfection that is all around me, permeating the very existence of all things. I choose the Truth. I choose Freedom!

I keep telling myself that over and over again today as I release the weight of this burden. I continue to talk to the not-so-angry boy as we both soften into the true reality that surrounds me. I don’t have to participate in activities that go against my highest and best good. I declared to the universe that I call back all my power and energy lost along the way, that I reclaim all my sovereignty and FREE WILL. In this declaration it returns to me.

All the times I have gone against creation are shown to me in a blur and I allow them to dissolve, along with the cords attaching me to those memories into the ethers and back to Source. I allow past judgements to dissolve and the cords attaching me to them to release from my being. I stand tall in the Light of my Being, getting stronger every moment.

A dear friend calls and we discuss the transformation symptoms and fears. Hits start coming in as I acknowledge the fear that they ride on. I release all fear and move completely to Love. I spoke with Creator just before some of the fear hits came through, turning over my Life to the Divine Source. And just afterwards, the calls and emails came in, trying to hook me back into a fear-based society. I refuse. I am the Light and I carry Love with me at all times. This is my connection to Source, Love is. It is my armor and weapons in this battle for my Soul, for my freedom.

I must Love all things, all situations... all Creation. To truly stand in my Light, I must fully embrace Love and release all fear and it’s derivatives. Those frequencies are binding and constrictive, a dense and heavy burden on the Light being that I am. I release them. I release all Fear and it’s derivatives from my being. I take total personal responsibility for all my thoughts, words and actions. With Love and Kindness I walk this path on my Journey to awakening and remembering...

I see how I was plugged in and am taking steps now to unplug, to deconstruct the programs and reclaim my freedom. It is a process, indeed. Some days deeper insights than others, but I know I am safe and secure as I am in the presence of Creator, connected and supported by all of Creation. I allow this to be my reality, carrying my Authentic Frequency of Love and Kindness to my experience. I continue to dig deep into the forgiveness and in doing so, more layers come up to be released.

I see just how I (and the angry little boy) was holding blameful energy towards those that were closest to me during that time. I dig deep calling upon my Power Animal to show me the way to forgiveness. It takes an enormous effort but I start to break apart the blocks of anger and hatred for those that I projected the blame onto. As they shatter apart and I am able to breathe again a little more of me slips through the eye of the needle. I am going to make it to the other side... I deeply forgive those whom I blamed and I release all connections and cords connecting me to that energy. I see them breaking free and dissolving. I look upon the central figures and place them in the Divine Catalyst and shine the light of my Love upon them. I let go of all the thoughts, words and actions taken in the past that perpetuated the blameful projection. It is in my highest and best good to release this energy, so I do. I can feel myself getting lighter, stronger and coming fuller into my being.

I transformed a breakdown into a breakthrough! By my free will and choice I am moving towards freedom, peace and tranquility. I stand in the eye of the storm, calm and centered I move always in the peaceful calm. I choose Love and LIght... Freedom. There is no other way for me, I will prevail. I am winning this time...

That’s what I told the angry little boy that finally got him to soften. I acknowledged that I was winning this time. That I could stand up to the pantheon this time and would prevail. It is true. The frequency of the planet is rising, the frequency of the universe is rising and so too I . It is already in motion, I have come to see and what I must do, I am doing. Letting go of the density of fear and fully embracing the higher frequency of Love. This is what the planet needs to heal and this is what humanity needs to heal. Humanity is at the crossroads, I believe and I have chosen Love. I choose to move into the next phase of my existence with Love as my companion and guide. I am better able to do that by letting go...

So, I continue to do the work... I continue to be present, awake and aware so as to see the signposts that are guiding me to my knowledge. I allow myself the space and energy to do this work and Creator supports me in this endeavor. All will be provided as I align with the energies of creation and dispel all anti-creation energy from my being. I walk with Creator. Creator is showing me the way now and I continue my Journey...

I am so grateful to have the opportunity to see the Truth and reclaim my Freedom. To be able to heal myself... my body and mind thus setting my spirit free to soar to the greatest heights. To meet my Soul and reclaim vast amounts of energy lost along the way, I am so thankful for. I allow it all to wash away, remnants of the past dissolving and allowing greater access to my Freedom.

I now stand tall and move forward in the Light, embodying that which is me, My True and Authentic Self leads the way from the ♡ and I embrace the experience, become one with it in its perfection and beauty.

I prepare, taking a breath and adjusting my frame, I listen for the rhythm of the Universe and begin to Dance...

Love and Kindness...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Happy, Joyous and Free!

I am on a quest for the Truth. My journey has led me to discover a great deal about myself and the world around me. I have come to see, know and understand many of the great mysteries that eluded me before. Why was I like that before? Why did I have troubles in various aspects of my life? Why did I feel pain and suffering? Why could I not accept or receive Love, nor give it unconditionally? These are but a few of the questions I have had, there are more of course, but the point is... I want to know!

I have always looked at babies with fascination as they are so open and receptive, as well as filled with knowledge. I wonder what they could tell us if they could speak immediately after being born? WOuld they tell us of the wonders of it all? There has been research into near-death experiences, but could there possibly be research that could discover what new-life experience is like? Perhaps... But for now, I look at babies with continued awe. Look into their eyes, into the depths of their knowing and you can see it. Past the subterfuge, created by unknowing parents bent on doing the best they can to raise a child in the world today.

They know, babies do... I can see it in their eyes. This is what I am remembering. I am remembering a time, a place where Love is all there is. There is no fear, anger, hatred, violence, greed and deception. Where compassion, joy and bliss are the natural states of being and all recognize that. Where people are connected in Spirit and long to help one another, as though helping themselves. A place where all is perfect and right knowledge prevails.

This place does exist as a dimensional reality, I am certain of this. However, the current situation in the world today has precluded most from seeing this. To say that it has happened over time and from acceptance by most participants is true, I believe. However, I don’t believe that is all there is. I have come to see that we can bring that dimension into our current reality, a “Heaven on Earth” as it were, just by shifting our awareness to the higher frequencies. By cleansing ourselves of the detritus built up over a lifetime of unconscious acceptance to the way things are.

This is what my journey is all about. Reclamation of my Soul Sovereignty and non-acceptance of the current state of affairs. I refuse to believe any more that the way things appear to be is the way it is going to stay. By healing myself with Soul Retrieval, I am coming into a wholeness of being that is showing the way to continued growth and healing. I am working the energy as it comes in, questioning why things are happening and being guided to the answers.

This is truly an unplugging from the Matrix as it were, a knowing that I can and will make a difference in my life and a knowing that if I live my life to my Soul’s Purpose, it will be a happy, joyous and fulfilling experience. It is always exciting, and as long as I stay in Love and Kindness and Total Personal Responsibility, I am better able to interact with the world around me. In fact, carrying the peaceful vibrations seems to have an impact on those around me and they too have begun to experience things differently.

So, I continue... And know, deep inside I know this is the right path. It is liberating... Far more liberating than other paths I have walked in my life. Actually, the other paths I followed degraded my energy so much as to require a great amount of healing and work. This is what I am writing about... The breaking free of the “Norm” to become the authentic expression of my Soul. So, it is challenging... and to some it may sound as though I am sick or depressed or any other societal/medical definitions. But therein lies the conundrum, this is what I am trying to break free of.

There was a time many years ago, that I turned to my doctor and said I was having problems adjusting to a traumatic experience, stacked upon other traumatic experiences. She pulled out a questionnaire and left me alone to answer the questions. 30 minutes went by... you know doctor’s offices, and when she returned looked at the answers and proclaimed “you have clinical depression”... She whipped out the prescription pad and voila, I was to be cured! Take these and we’ll reconnect in a month. But be sure to come in immediately if you are feeling angry, suicidal, aggressive or otherwise not right... Wow...

Dutifully, I took the remedy... What happened. Well, it actually got worse for a while. I did have suicidal thoughts, I was angry and aggressive and was actually worse off and kinda scared. I called, got appointment and out came the pad again. Marc, Prozac is not going to work for you, but don’t worry we will try this... and if that doesn’t work, then there are other pills that we can try...

Well, suffice to say... Eventually I got to the place where I was numb. The pills took out the highs and lows and I was just numb. Nothing really mattered and I DIDN’T HAVE MY POWER... That went on for a while, but eventually I saw that it wasn’t giving me what I truly needed.

This practice that I have found works. It is based in and promotes SELF-EMPOWERMENT through DIRECT EXPERIENCE. It is holistic and inclusive and I decide what is to be done for my highest good. I am the pilot of this ship... Some days I flounder in rough seas and others the wind is at my back and I cover great distances. But I look back on the last 3 years and my growth has been remarkable. I am different thanI was in so many ways.

I am happy, joyous and free. Even during the challenging times I prevail... Because of my effort, my insights and my quest for the Truth. I am getting better, stronger and vibrant. This I like, this I love... My life is perfect in all ways and I am so thankful and grateful. Thank you Creator!!!!!

Blessings everyone!

Love and Kindness, Marc

Monday, March 22, 2010


I have come to see that I had some major programming rooted in my being. Alive and vibrant it would become when triggered and literally take over my physical body. I am aware now. I am understanding and deprogramming now. I am taking steps to insure it doesn’t reboot. I am reclaiming MY sovereignty as the light of this body, the Universal One, beyond mind I am a complete radiant being.

We have been tracking this system for years now, my partner and I. And today, I made a breakthrough. I saw it start up and I asked for help immediately. I did not follow it’s instructions, rather my partner who coached me through the experience. It is a rather insidious program, with sinister qualities... suffice to say the alter that takes over is not very nice. But, I defeated it today by asking for help... That is the first time that I have noticed it coming out and was able to hold on long enough to notify and ask for assistance.

That is really just huge... I stayed in the light as Deva guided me through the release, Francesca supporting remotely. A Shamanic team! Thank you Creator, Deva and Francesca! I have my being back, my body and mind... My Soul, I can hear it again...

This path I walk, as others do, is arduous at times. But we’re talking about the reclamation of my Soul Sovereignty and the reunion of that energy with my mind and body. It is transformative to the cellular level. Getting my mind back from the dark thoughts is wonderful, as they truly are not me!

Recognizing the signs and symptoms of something other than myself has come with the practice. At those times I must come out of service and work on myself, to rest and heal. And at times, the releases have been intense but they are getting easier now. Letting go... And with a breath it can be gone... Well, there is more to it than that, but in essence it is true.

What are some of the signs?

Negative thoughts, anti-creation, self-destructive, blameful, low energy, sudden sleepiness, sudden rapid heart rate, lethargic, suicidal thoughts or imagery, hateful thoughts, cursing, aggression, argumentative, spiteful, hurtful, irresponsible, fearful, self-loathing, self-doubt, targeted aggression, directed anger...

Whenever I am feeling other than the authentic Love and Kindness, balanced and harmonious, tuned and accepting to the natural movements of energy in me and my relations... Whenever I am not in that space, I know to go the other direction... If I see any of those signs and symptoms in my field I turn around and go the opposite way until I am back to Love and Kindness, etc. It is very important to catch this as soon as possible and at some point I got to the place that I was going after the trigger and reclaiming my power completely. If you walk this path, you will get there... YAY!!!!

When I have been unsuccessful in steering clear and the hit comes through completely it gets a little more dicey. The farther my frequency would fall the more difficult it was for me to see my way out, but thankfully teamwork prevails and guided out I was, many times along the way.

Today, with the deepest, darkest, most torturous program in my being I prevailed. I am getting stronger and things are rapidly shifting. More is releasing, as it is guided to do. I am in service, an instrument of Creator’s I continue to cleanse and detox in so many ways. I have my energy back, firm footed I stand, solidly grounded on our Earth Mother. I walk...

Love before me, Love behind me, Love at my left, Love at my right, Love above me, Love below me, Love onto me, Love in my surroundings, Love to all, Love to the Universe.

Peace before me, Peace behind me, Peace at my left, Peace at my right, Peace above me, Peace below me, Peace onto me, Peace in my surroundings, Peace to all, Peace to the Universe.

Light before me, Light behind me, Light at my left, Light at my right, Light above me, Light below me, Light onto me, Light in my surroundings, Light to all, Light to the Universe.

Love before you, Love behind you, Love at your left, Love at your right, Love above you, Love below you, Love onto you, Love in your surroundings, Love to all, Love to the Universe.

Peace before you, Peace behind you, Peace at your left, Peace at your right, Peace above you, Peace below you, Peace onto you, Peace in your surroundings, Peace to all, Peace to the Universe.

Light before you, Light behind you, Light at your left, Light at your right, Light above you, Light below you, Light onto you, Light in your surroundings, Light to all, Light to the Universe.

I choose to know where this comes from... It is very purposeful. Thank you.

Love to all


Sunday, March 21, 2010


I am contemplating the health and vitality of my physical body this morning and have come to see the importance of consciousness when caring for it. In the old ways, there was no consciousness involved, rather I put things in my body that were very detrimental to it’s ability to function. Decades of fast food, alcohol, Marlboros, processed foods, high fructose corn syrup, artificial ingredients... the list goes on. Take a quick look at what you’ve eaten in the past 48 hours and one can get a sense of the potential to pollute the body.

In the US, it is far easier to fill the body with things that do not assist in peak functioning. Hectic lifestyles, jobs, kids, family, friends, etc can set up conditions that don’t allow for the time to adequately care for the body. I know this first hand from years of living in the world by the old ways. I allowed my body to take the back seat, not realizing that caring for it as the vessel that allows my Soul to express itself is the key.

Mindfulness in this area has revealed to me now just how toxic I used to be. I haven’t eaten artificial ingredients, drank alcohol or subjected my body to any other “man-made” foods in the past couple of years. I have recently discovered that I may be allergic to wheat, or something about it (gluten?) And so I have removed that from my diet. I am finding that my body is telling me what is good for it by how well I feel.

We are really such perfectly functioning organisms and our physical state should reflect that. Anything other than this is an illusion, an agreement that it should be some other way.

I have seen when I was polluting my body with all the toxins available to me I was inadequately prepared to address much of anything. Much of the days spent trying to stimulate with caffeine or remedy a “hang-over” from food or alcohol. Now I understand that each of the things we ingest carries a frequency with it. Alcohol, for example, carries a dense, thick and sticky frequency often associated with what I call hell realms. Historically, alcohol hasn’t brought about a mass shift in higher consciousness I don’t think, rather it has lowered the collective vibration of those societies that it has come into contact with. What do you think when looking at it from a health and wellness perspective?

Artificial flavors and “man-made” enhancements have another frequency that is very detrimental to body function, yet they are EVERYWHERE! Why is that? Just take a gander in your pantry... Look at the ingredients and lo and behold, what are all those ingredients that you can’t pronounce or don’t know what they are. I choose to know why we as a culture are doing this to ourselves.

Going to the grocery store today it is far easier and less expensive to fuel our bodies with junk. Going organic and all natural is more expensive??!! I don’t understand, but wait I do... Just another component of a society that has created its own pollution, extending all the way to the individual body function. Interesting to say the least...

So, I have found that it has taken an enormous effort at times and tremendous mindfulness to maintain a healthy diet, but it is WORTH IT! It all works in harmony, peaceful mind and healthy body allows the spirit to soar! It comes back to the energetics of it all and the vibrational frequency. When ingesting lower vibrational elements to fuel a high vibrational organism problems occur.

Density begins to invade where faster vibrations are manifest. This impedes energy flow and creates blockages, as you may already know that can lead to physical illness and dis-ease. I have also experienced this density to attract lower vibrational experiences in my life that have been detrimental to my highest good. Energetic realms of experience that cross-over into my here and now have been brought on by body toxicity and subsequently continue to toxify my environment. Knowing how this works, I am better able to manage my energy and the energy around me. I consciously choose what to eat and drink. My body tells me when I need to detox and cleanse. I know what makes my body function well and recognize when it is not, taking steps to identify the source and solutions.

Awareness is paramount, as well as discernment. I am the Light of this body. Therefore, I should be operating at peak performance, everything tuned, light and free. The density stands out calling to me to free the light. I answer the call and go to the work, because behind the physical component of diet and body lies the etheric realms where the energy battles are taking place. I go to these realms of existence to retrieve my energy and I am shown the way to healing.

Back and forth I go, between dimensions I am guided to soar, to learn and understand. To Live a life that is free, balanced, harmonious and filled with the Blessings of the Universe. To be...

Love and kindness,

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring 2010

The energy is flowing now, still releasing today... Big releases allowing my energy to return. Allowing all to happen as it is... No judgement, but acceptance and appreciation. Every moment blissful awareness coming in waves of gratitude. I have come to know so many new things about myself and how it all works. I see when I am in the flow and every experience is perfect and appropriate and I can feel it when I am not.

Residing in the present with the natural ebb and flow of energy currents has been my experience. I remain attuned to the vibrations all around me, learning and discovering how best to be in it all. Love is the answer. Compassion and understanding brings about the space for joy and bliss. Sovereignty of my own energy allows for an openness I have not experienced before. Understanding myself and taking total personal responsibility for all my thoughts, words and actions has opened me up in ways I had never before known possible.

And so it is... my new life is amazing! I am moving forward now and having a wonderful time listening to the musings of my soul. I am finding ways to create, communicate, bring about community and live to my purpose. It is invigorating.

These are transformational times and we are here now... Ride the waves and enjoy the ride.

Love and Kindness,

Key Understanding...

As the guidance increases I am finding that I trust it more. Yesterday my mind got in the way and tried to tell me that I needed more sleep, so I snoozed through my alarm for an hour and a half even though I woke up on my own moments before it went off. The other day, the guidance told me to awake at 3:33 am and do the work...

Yesterday I didn’t do this completely. I thought during the snooze that I was conscious enough to fend off the “hits” that were coming through. But now I know that was not enough. However, I was able to reclaim my sovereignty and the energy of the day aligned with another cleansing...

I had not been able to do much of anything in my home office for the past several months, aside from using it as a dumping ground for all kinds of stuff. It had become stagnant, rooted in the past it seemed. I hadn’t worked in there since December, nor been able to access any creative energy while seated at the 10 year old office chair and 1 year old glass desk. Artwork that was linked to the past hung on the walls, piles of paperwork stacked in the same place it was a year ago, stuff piled on the floor... It was a holding ground for energy, the whole room was an anchor, with a long rode connecting me to the past.

I have purged from my life physical possessions before, but was surprised to see more as I went into the minutia of the room. There were some really little things that surprised me, but I listened to my guides and continued to carry everything out of the house... There were some obvious ones that directly connected me to my past and they were released with Love and Kindness. The ones that surprised me... I had released all of my jewelry, I thought and was surprised to find it still in the room... But then I looked closer and the box that held the little I kept, so innocuous as to be missed so many times, yet so important to release from the house.

Deva observed that objects that had kept current with my spiritual growth, were allowed to stay because they matched my frequency now. The other objects didn’t and were thus linked to my denser, older frequencies that I have released. Yay! Progress! As I continued to sort through the piles, releasing more and more of the past, I began to feel it in my body. Big chunks of stuck energy began to break off of me and begin to recycle, returning to Source. I could feel it and knew not to connect with the feelings and thoughts associated with the process, but rather focus on what I am now.

It was challenging in a physical way, my body giving signs of energetic release. I allowed them to happen, staying completely present and aware, forgiving and releasing myself and others as they came into my awareness. Spending a moment of time with each memory to bless and appreciate it, get my power back and then I let it go for good. Staying aware during the process showed some things as well. For example, I was moving a desk, bookshelf and rolling set of drawers out of the room and I staged them in the carport. At some point I noticed that where I haphazardly placed each item had formed a barrier to me to get out of the carport. For a time, I struggled with my energy levels and ended up taking a nap. When I reclaimed my power enough to continue, I noticed the barrier and broke through it, getting the next step accomplished.

All in all, it was awesome! In letting go, space was allowed for the new and I now have my office back! I can feel the frequency is much higher now and the energy has movement again... I manifested an amazing marble desk that is providing a deep connection to Earth Mother and there is little opportunity for energy to collect now in the Zen-like setting. I will continue to clear this room until it is pristine and shines as brilliantly as possible. Creation happens in this room...

So, I am listening and have come to understand and trust my guides. When I am moved to action from this place of knowing, I must do. No thought, just action. These are the whisperings of my Soul, resonant to the frequency of my original blueprint my actions are guided. There is only this place right now that I am where my consciousness resides. I choose now, releasing all the past that prevents me from stepping completely into this now moment.

My guidance told me to get up before the dreamtime “hits” come in, to be fully conscious, present and aware, using this presence to keep clear of the nefarious influences that try to get me to stray from my path. I listened and here I am. I can feel the influences trying to come in, but I am steadfast in my practice and my purposeful intent is towards the highest good for all creation. And so it is...

This is my day, my time and I am making the most of it... I am the Light of this Body, the Universal One, beyond mind I am a complete Radiant Being...

Spread Love, Spread Peace and share Joy and Happiness...

Blessings to All

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Jury Duty

We have been dancing more frequently... Out of the learning mode, a state of no-mind and the steps and body flow with the music unimpeded. The sensations are amazing and laughter came forth. There is something to it, this Ballroom Dance. So much has changed since starting...

I am softer and more graceful in movement, yet my body has taken on a physical form I remember from my youth. I maintain a sensitivity to my environment, looking for the rhythm and flowing with it. I think that is it... the dance has shown me how to move with the rhythm of the Universe. How to flow with the energy that is all around us.

In the dance, if I hold any tension, thoughts or am not completely present I am more aware of what I don’t have in the dance at that moment... a connection to the rhythm. As I let go of all that and sink into the moment with the beat, merge with it becomes a part of me and I of it... One. That is where it all happens, a miraculous experience is available.

The energies ebb and flow and as I learn to discern what to do in each moment that supports my highest and best good, to create intention and action that only supports this has been my endeavor. My experience has been utterly amazing, an adventure I continue to say steeped in illumination and discovery.

I have come to know things in a way that is so deep. To describe the flow of miracles... No need, as I have come to know it. And this knowing expresses itself in my doing, that is the description. I have witnessed myself in the flow and it has changed me, yet again. In beauty I walk all around me it is here. All experiences have been wondrous and filled with opportunity and life energy.

I have been releasing judgement on this journey and I was provided an experience to take a look at this more closely. A few weeks ago, I received in the mail my first ever Jury Duty summons. Ok, I suspect I know what you all are thinking... But, I thought not much of it at first, just went into a save the date and don’t forget type of mindset. But as the day approached I was definitely struggling with it. I knew I didn’t want to do it and my rational mind started to try and make the excuses... I stayed with what’s for my highest and best good. At some point, I saw all the chatter and journeyed on it.

I discovered that in releasing judgement from my life by embracing Love and Kindness, Forgiveness and Release I could not participate in the trial. At this time, I could not sit on a panel to pass judgement on another person. I needed to maintain my sovereignty and communicate this when the time came. It was important for me to see this for it created an experience that was effortless.

The night before I was to go to Prescott for jury duty something nefarious came to me in my sleep and I awoke at 3:30. I got up and started to work clearing myself. Deva got up too and we both worked it pretty hard and I got my energy back and was releasing as I left for Prescott. An hour and a half ride on the bike, temperature 39 degrees when I got there, was incredibly invigorating! I knew I was releasing because the dark thoughts would come in, but every time they did I went the opposite direction back to Love and Kindness. I continued to forgive and release all the way there.

Staying present, I knew what was needed... and when it came to it, I was in the first panel and release by 10:30. I just spoke the truth and did my civic duty. All for the highest good and so I left Prescott to return to Sedona with the Sun shining bright, the chill gone. I stopped again at the Jerome overlook as I recognized a guy I’d met the last time I was there! He has ridden this Harley, i think he said he’s had three, over 300,000 miles and it has been in every state except Hawaii. We talked and smiled, in fact that stands out... The big grin, we both had it...

I took the road less travelled on the way home. It was easy at first, hard packed and well-travelled but as I turned towards Sedona the road freshly graded became more challenging and I almost went off once or twice. I took a side trail and obtained a view, even more challenging but well worth the excursion. But, it did get smooth again and way easier as I continued to listen to the energy of the day, doing what I was guided to do. I returned an inquiry on my cruiser, as I had placed an ad in craigslist before going to Prescott, and he wanted to see the bike.

Long story short... He bought the bike. And as I sat in the energy of the day, looking back on it, I realized how perfect it all is when I am aligned with my Higher Consciousness. So I listened and was shown many things. In this guidance I trust. I release it all to the Original Creator and allow the divine guidance to flow through me. There is peace here in the knowing. I continue to be student, as well as guide on this path and I walk it with gratitude and Love.

Thank You Creator. Thank You All who walk this path and carry Love and Kindness with you on your journey. Blessings...


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Awakening (part 2)

Back home, I relaxed and processed the download from earlier. I was to take the bike on a journey, leaving early destination Cave Creek, AZ through the Agua Fria National monument and the Tonto Nationa Forest. That would have taken several hours and limited the time I would be able to work with Francesca it turns out... But no matter, because I got to the Agua Fria River and it was running very freely! Turn around and go straight there down the interstate.

And so it was and we got immediately to work. It is so wonderful to work with another who is so adept at the work. Each of us seeing, enhancing the other’s energy and the work was huge. As I was leaving I got a phone call and it could only be one person... I hadn’t talked to this person in almost a year and it kinda threw me and it took a moment to stabilize. But I went on and we “caught” up. I listened and there wasn’t the anger and hatred or blame as before, that was nice. Much was the same for them, and my entire being had changed for me. There was a space there, as I understood there would be, between us in the realm of spirit. And that’s ok... I felt accepted for the most part but viewed a little skeptically at the same time. It was the pleasantries, really... Nothing deep.

And I like deep, so as my energy drained I knew it was time to draw this to a close. Peaceful and pleasant it was, but as I mounted the bike to continue my journey my energy continued to drain. I took it deeper and knew that I needed help, so I called Francesca to look at it and we did the work. And it was revealed to me what needed to be done, I met an inner child whose needs weren’t met and had a conversation with him, welcoming him home. He showed me the root source of a lifetime pattern that was disintegrating and this was the key piece. And then it was done... Over, that pattern and timeline completely transitioned. I am so blessed to have these experiences and the knowledge to go deeper into the event when necessary.

Getting the power and soul pieces back, I was better able to see the Love and Kindness in this conversation. And thankful to have it.

Back on the bike, all is brighter I go into meditation. Processing, rebooting... no-mind. It is a powerful experience to just be right there in the moment. All the way home on the interstate, easy hundred miles with a tail wind and not a single semi went by me! And I got home to Sedona just before dark, vest keeping me warm as a storm was blowing in. Winds of change... that’s for sure this winter!

There was work to be done when I got in and I got right to it. I was guided to my partner’s energy and began to retrieve it, when I got to the source it was pretty tenacious, so what did I do?

I called for backup... and so it began, the three of us working together by phone.... then Deva’s phone rang and it was our teacher. So, there we were... four Shamans on phones collaborating, creating a synergy that was quite powerful. What an experience, again I am so blessed and grateful...

And as I was falling asleep, I realized I had seen this all before... In a dream, as though just by listening I was seeing the pathway to the experiences that are leading to my growth and deeper into my being to release all things standing in the way of my highest and best good.

I am better able to see today and the guidance is strong. I am listening, intent and aware. I am accepting of what Creator places on my path and vigilant I remain as the light grows stronger.

Love and LIght,


Much has happened since returning from Texas.... To sum it up, Amazing! I have been processing the download and learning more every day. I rested and restored, meditated and soul retrieval and prepared for the next experience, a week in Tucson for training. I enjoyed the week, seeing many old friends from the fire ground and taking in the key lessons learned from the previous season.

The last night there, i was overtaken by several dark urges, thoughts, messages, vertigo to an extreme... like almost falling off the balcony. I stayed present and aware that this was not me, got in my breath, called for back-up and did the work. I called my Power Animal and knew what to do. The release was explosive, taking me by surprise and then it was over. I got up and went out to eat, feeling amazing. Slept so well and woke up, refreshed. First time that week, I see now I was working up to that release all week.

The next morning I called in additional backup and a HUGE piece of me returned. Thank you! And I am alive and invigorated... I move to the next. If I leave now, I can make it to dance class and that would be awesome after sitting in a conference room all week. North I go, but not before stopping and meeting some great folks at On Any Moto in Tucson. It is really great to see people living their dreams and sharing Love at the same time. It creates a passion in people and it shows in the their interaction with others. Awesome!!!

I texted, “Shall we dance”, to my partner, Deva and she was “delighted!,” so I urged my car along a little faster and arrived home with plenty of time. Again, warm welcomes this time a bottle of essentia water, blessed and ready to go and a Halvah Bar... an excellent preparation for the dance. Something was feeling good, like it was about to happen and I breathed in the sanctified air of my house. Off to the shower....

So, it happened again. Another download came through and I was prepared, interacting far more than the last time. I asked questions, commented and saw with greater detail. I saw the light of some recent situations and was given insight into the future. I was shown to leave early in the morning to Cave Creek to visit a dear friend and shaman to do the work. I didn’t ask why, I just moved and started unpacking and packing, finding tent and sleeping bag, along with some overnight gear.

Then there was the dance...

Wow! It was the Samba. I felt as though I had already learned this step somewhere following the lead of a master teacher and Deva and I were dancing right away. We got the basic step and started to dance. There is a difference between learning and dancing and this was dancing... No mind, only body, the frame, the music and the movement. It is really something when it happens and it is what the learning is all about. Learning to dance, then dancing. Such a parable for the work and the dance has truly taken all the physical practices I’ve used in my life to another level. So happy to be having this experience and it really complements the soul retrieval.

Then we went back to learning and had a wonderful time learning quite a few basic steps. Practice, practice and more practice, I take it home to the kitchen working the steps out on the tile floor. The dance brings stronger connection to my higher consciousness and Authentic Self. And again, such practical application to heal my being. The dance is amazing and a perfect way to relax and move before leaving tomorrow for the next leg of the journey...

to be continued...

Love and Light,

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Beginnings...

When I got home from the Journey, I was tired to be sure, but I had an energy pouring through me that was extraordinarily exhilarating. I was committed to going to my Ballroom Dance class, even though I was having a difficult time even speaking. The Dance has been an important part of the experience these past few weeks... And I will post an entry on the Dance very soon.

What was amazing, though, was the download that came thru just before class. It happened in the shower, as the water cascading over me cleansed the energies of the Journey and I opened even more to the experience. I spoke of the receipt of Divine information before, how it feels and what it is like and this was no different. It just about put me to my knees and I found that my tears of joy and happiness were mixing with the water coming from above me.

It was shared with me, again, what my mission is... what I am to do. It was shared with me to have faith... to believe in my experiences and act accordingly. To see all things that are around me as the perfect manifestation of Creator to assist me on this path. To know that as I build my strength and reclaim my Soul energies that were lost along the way I would be better able to act towards the fulfillment of my mission. I heard that all along the way, even when I wasn’t conscious of it, I was working towards my Soul’s mission and not to fuss over my minds perception of the times it appeared to me that I was not. Everything I have experienced in this lifetime has been in preparation for this moment right now.

I was told to write about my experience, to share my Journey with the world and that those that would benefit in their own growth and development would find what they needed. It was conveyed that I need not be critical of myself during this time, that I just needed to continue to see and continue to be the very best that I can be in every moment, stay present, aware and conscious so as to be able to receive the guidance that the Spirit world was providing. This is very important for all, but for me in particular I was still holding some judgement over my actions of the past that was keeping me from being fully present in the Now. I let that go, allowing the water to wash that frequency down the drain...

I was shown the blueprint, or a part of it anyway, the design that is to be created by my interaction within the third dimension and how it related to other dimensions, other realities and the future in this dimension. I was called to bring together a community of like-minded beings. To create the infrastructure to allow those in the world (through the internet) to come together to see the illusion that has bound our remembrance and assist those Souls in human form that are ready to leave it all behind and truly begin to see how to escape, to become free and autonomous so as to fully tap into their true Nature and potential.

This is so clear to me now... perhaps a little overwhelming, but that just means I have more work to do around it. And so I continue the work... That has been a theme in these Buffalo Diaries. I am like an onion, with every healing there is another layer that is revealed. I accept that now and diligently stay on the path. If I falter, I pick myself up and continue. As my power and strength grows, I have found that I don’t falter for as long, nor as hard as I used to.

So, wondrous things occurred on the Journey foretelling much. Physically I needed a rest and so I took a couple of days to allow all to integrate. I am on the Path, fulfilling my destiny and aligned with my Higher Consciousness. It is all as it is supposed to be and I am allowing for it to unfold for the highest and best good for all Creation. I am getting out of my own way, so I can just be... That is where the miracles happen!

Light and Love


Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Journey... Part 3.

I am up and on the road at about 4:30, wanting to miss the rush hour traffic and be well north of Phoenix when the sun rises. The moon spectacular! Full the day before, still brilliant in the crisp morning chill. What is it about the moments just before sunrise that make it so cold? I stop in Carefree and contemplate this, sitting with the morning taking pictures of the moon. As I ride East to Wickenburg , the moon Huge in front of me and then gone behind the last of the moisture in the air.

Pre-dawn light... Before the sun is actually up, it was amazing that morning. The desert alive with colors, particularly green, a carpet of lush grass making all the landscape shimmer. It was as though I was seeing an Aura on the landscape. The rains providing much needed moisture to the arid landscape as well as washing away the old energies of the past. It was brilliant, magnificent... I am so grateful to be in the moment, alive and free.

It is cold this morning, a cowboy in Wickenburg commenting on it being in the low 30’s and frost in places. The chill massaging my senses, opening as the heat from my vest cascades warmth through my core. I am content, nothing but the road, the throttle, the stillness of it all, miles passing by. As I gain elevation to Prescott there is snow on the road and some icy patches in the shade. Vigilant, mantra and aware I ride peacefully into Prescott, not stopping, home so close now.

Over the mountains again into the Verde Valley, I stop above the ghost town of Jerome and am welcomed by the invitation to meet Deva at our favorite restaurant in Clarkdale. Wonderful! I take a moment to clear. Move some energy, release some energy I picked up along the way. I spoke to a rider who had been to every state on his Harley, including Alaska. That he had done 2 rebuilds and rode some 300,000 miles on his bike.... Wow.

In to Clarkdale and a stop at Su Casa... Yum! I share the experience with Deva and savor every bite. Such an experience, I am home... But there is one more thing I need to do. Introductions needed to be made, this bike to the desert. I had just ridden some 1200+ miles in 2 1/2 days and I was going to finish with some Sedona red rock and dirt! Yay. As I packed up and got back on the bike for the last 30 miles, I smiled.

The knowing that came to me that moment... many moments on the journey was and still is profound. It is a deep, core level understanding of the truth. This path I am walking is with purposeful intent and attention to the details, the signposts that present along the way revealing key insights into myself. As I turn off Highway 89A onto the dirt, it all comes together. I stop in this magnificent landscape and dance.

I am dancing in the mud to the beat of a different drum. I am dancing on the earth, peacefully my boots move grounding into the mother, Gaia. I slowed to a stop and stood vibrant on solid ground, energy moving through my root and out through my crown... flowing with the natural rhythm of the Universe. Down and up, up and down. Harmony...

I am home.

Peace and Love

Friday, March 5, 2010

the Journey... Part 2

When I awoke on Sunday morning in El Paso, TX I looked out the window and saw the beautiful blue sky and no wind... I was elated. Perhaps the weather forecasters were wrong, I thought. I made my way down to the bike with coffee and cigarette, my morning ritual, to clear the nights activities and set my intent for the day. As I walked out the door into the glorious sunshine opening my arms into the East and the rising sun, expanding my energy and receiving the warmth, I was unaware of what was happening in the West... I remember saying my prayers, eyes closed releasing the past and coming into oneness with the moment... the glorious sunshine warming my being, I was at peace.

I opened my eyes, turned around and was surprised to see a wall of black storm clouds the likes of which I hadn’t seen in a while... I knew what it meant, the forecasters weren’t wrong the predicted weather was about to arrive. I knew what I would be riding into. 35 mph sustained winds out of the West with gusting to 50+, rain, snow and thunder showers. For a moment, my mind told me to go back inside, crawl into bed and turn the TV on and wait... and for a moment, that’s what I was going to do. But something within me called that to question, so I tested it with my discernment tools.

So, I was looking at some serious weather and contemplating traveling through it... several hundred miles that would be challenging in a car, let alone a 500 lb motorcycle with a 150 lb rider... But, the message I kept getting was to proceed! Ok. Listen, Marc I said to myself. Ask creator what is the highest and best good. I closed my eyes and began to breathe, stilling my mind... I listened.

I don’t hear the messages in the traditional sense of hearing words in my ears or my mind, rather it is a sense of knowing. I do use a form of muscle testing, sometimes a pendulum, to test information and in this case I began to rock forward onto my toes standing there in the parking lot... Forward rocking is yes, side to side is no for me and in this case I was rocking so far forward as to be on my toes and almost taking a step forward. This was a resounding yes, proceed.

I asked the question, “Is it in my highest and best good to travel today?” Again, with the forward rocking... So, Ok... get out of mind, pack up and move. I finished my coffee and went in to pack with the sun shining from the East and the black wall coming closer to the West.

Packed and ready (right down to the hotel laundry bags on my feet!) for whatever the day had to bring, I walked out the doors and was almost blown over by the wind. Literally, I had to lean into it to keep from getting blown back. Wow, I was to ride in this? Again, I considered checking back in and spending the day in front of the TV... But I asked and even with the wind, I rocked forward onto my toes. OK... I get it.

I was tested that day. Trust... my mind told me that what I was doing was dangerous, risky and wrong, but my being was guided and I listened. I got on the bike, clutch... 1st gear and the day began...

There were many miracles that day; many discoveries and much self-awareness... I got out of my way. I trusted that Creator was showing me something and I rode on. I was safe all day, enveloped in Love I faced every challenge that day with a smile. When I was cold, I ran the mantra, when I was being blown off the road... the mantra... whatever challenge that presented itself, the mantra.

        I am Love and Kindness.
        I feel Love and Kindness.
        I share Love and Kindness.
        I Love myself completely.
        I Love all that I am.
        I Love all Creation...

Over and over I would alternate between Mantras... The other one is:

        I am the Light of this body.
        The Universal One.
        Beyond mind,
        I am a complete Radiant Being...

And I shared Love with all Creation. I shared myself with the wind, rain, hail, wet and slippery roads, the other motorists on the 15 miles of Interstate I travelled... Everywhere I went, I was Love and Kindness. I ate lunch with some rough looking bikers in Safford, AZ and shared Love. There were no barriers, there was nothing but common ground, there was Love Unconditional. After, we embraced knowing we were the same... knowing.

I rode on throughout the day and the weather changed... the sun shone and my journey continued. As fatigue began to set in, the mantra. As darkness fell and I found myself with over 100 miles to go for the day the mantra my companion through the curviest and most mountain driving of the whole journey. I was never in doubt... I was never in fear. Creator walking with me I was one with...

As I got off the bike in Mesa, AZ and crawled into bed I realized there was nothing to be afraid of... Ever. Perceivably, I was alone all day... But, my experience showed me that truly, I wasn’t. That by staying clear and present, I walked with Creator and I was safe... I was having the experience that I was to have and it was perfect... Even though in the realm of reason everything was pointing to danger, I was immune to it. I was not alone.

I understand that we are never alone on this journey... in life. The spirit world is alive and many blessings and miracles are available to us, we just need to be aware.

When I see with more than my eyes, when I hear with more than my ears and when I feel with more than my skin a miraculous world that exists all around me opens up... and in that understanding I have found peace...

Love and LIght


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Journey... Part 1.

I am listening, my senses tuned to my guides and helper spirits... to creator. I am aligned with my highest and best good, walking the path with purposeful intent. In this way, I am receiving information and guidance from all creation. Everything that happens around me and within me has meaning, purpose. Living consciously like I have been, I am seeing this with greater consistency than ever before.

By listening and staying in tune, I am getting messages from my higher self. They come as visions, often stopping me in my tracks until they pass sometimes extremely emotional and very vivid. They are calls to action, guiding the next steps on my path. They are showing me the way. I am showing me the way. By getting out of my own way, I am opening up to the mysteries of the Universe.

One day back in early October, 2009 Spirit told me to write a book. I didn’t ask why, I just sat down in one of the corner comfy chairs at Ravenheart Coffee in Sedona, AZ and began writing. Within a month, I had the makings of my book and started the editing process. Deva and I edited the first half and I even approached some friends to read some excerpts, fully expecting to publish before the end of 2010.

I began to write the Buffalo Diaries on November 20, 2009, which was about the time the editing and writing on my book stopped. At the time, I think I may have gotten frustrated, but I did trust myself... the guidance. There was much to release still and my practice needed to deepen for me to continue the book. An amazing adventure ensued and I embraced the experience with every cell of my being.

I needed those months, those experiences and lessons to arrive at this place where I can see and hear, more like sense the guidance that is all around. And it is here... I can say that. It is very real...

So, in listening I found myself in San Antonio, TX last Friday the happy new owner of a Dual Sport motorcycle. Spirit had guided me to this place in time and I trusted. All the doubts and second thoughts, suspicions and concerns were tested with my tools of discernment and I was told to proceed. Everything about the meeting and transaction went beyond smooth, as though nothing could get in the way.

The journey home took me through west Texas the first day, riding 650 miles in 17 1/2 hours... Now, consider this. I started motorcycling again after 20 some years in 2007, my first and only experience with a motorcycle being in college for 6 months. Over the past 3 years I have ridden 6000 miles on my cruiser, so I feel comfortable on a bike now. Last year, though I hardly rode at all and I hadn’t been on the bike since October when I did my first overnight down to Phoenix, 120 miles away. Putting it bluntly, I had never done anything like this before...

So, there I was at 3:30 in the morning the first day faced with 1250 miles home and no direct experience to relate to. I was in service, I opened to the experience and I listened... all the way home. The first day was amazing; I had chosen a longer route that kept me off the high traffic Interstate-10, which allowed for a very peaceful ride. The bike and I were one and I dissolved into the experience, following the path before me with diligence, awareness and consciousness.

There was not a lot of thinking. I ran 2 Mantra’s through my mind the whole journey, I listened to my body and I listened to my Higher Self. I met the original creator of my soul, the Universe, of all things... I am not sure precisely when it happened and I can’t describe how, but I know... deep inside. We spoke, I remember the visions of what was being said, but I don’t recall the conversation. There was a conveyance of my Soul’s original blueprint and intent. There was Love and kindness, forgiveness, compassion, joy and happiness... bliss. As the first day of the journey was coming to a close and the sun was setting I still had a few hours of riding in the dark.

I passed a single vehicle accident and stopped to see if the Border Patrol officers needed some help. I shared Love with them and the driver, they were kinda out of their element, being just first responders, but they had done an excellent job of stabilizing the driver and were just waiting for an ambulance. They were relieved after I stopped and helped for a few minutes and suggested that I continue on my journey. I told the driver he would be in my prayers and moved on. All for the highest and best good,

As I continued, I understood that I was in the perfect place at the perfect time, where I was supposed to be and when I arrived at the hotel... the days journey complete. Sharing Love with the staff at the hotel so wonderful and I relaxed into stillness at the end of a long day... As I briefly looked at the weather for the following day, I was confident that all was aligning for the highest and best good, even though the forecast was for rain, snow, and heavy winds, gusting to 50+ mph... I went to sleep that night knowing all would be perfect when I awoke...

As I contemplate that day, now as I write this, I am aware that I got out of my own way, became the “hollow bone” and allowed Spirit to flow through me without any interference. In that experience is where I connected with the Original Creator and it was that day I began to see more clearly what I am to do in this lifetime.

And so I am doing that which I am to do. I have stopped questioning and looking to the realm of reason for answers, instead just being present listening for the guidance and moving on that guidance. In doing so, allowing for my Authentic Nature to shine in the Light of Love and Kindness, I am free and better able to serve myself and others. I am better able to live compassionately and without judgement, to allow for the highest and best good for all creation to manifest itself within the field around me.

And so I continue on this path as it is what I am to do.