Sunday, March 14, 2010


Much has happened since returning from Texas.... To sum it up, Amazing! I have been processing the download and learning more every day. I rested and restored, meditated and soul retrieval and prepared for the next experience, a week in Tucson for training. I enjoyed the week, seeing many old friends from the fire ground and taking in the key lessons learned from the previous season.

The last night there, i was overtaken by several dark urges, thoughts, messages, vertigo to an extreme... like almost falling off the balcony. I stayed present and aware that this was not me, got in my breath, called for back-up and did the work. I called my Power Animal and knew what to do. The release was explosive, taking me by surprise and then it was over. I got up and went out to eat, feeling amazing. Slept so well and woke up, refreshed. First time that week, I see now I was working up to that release all week.

The next morning I called in additional backup and a HUGE piece of me returned. Thank you! And I am alive and invigorated... I move to the next. If I leave now, I can make it to dance class and that would be awesome after sitting in a conference room all week. North I go, but not before stopping and meeting some great folks at On Any Moto in Tucson. It is really great to see people living their dreams and sharing Love at the same time. It creates a passion in people and it shows in the their interaction with others. Awesome!!!

I texted, “Shall we dance”, to my partner, Deva and she was “delighted!,” so I urged my car along a little faster and arrived home with plenty of time. Again, warm welcomes this time a bottle of essentia water, blessed and ready to go and a Halvah Bar... an excellent preparation for the dance. Something was feeling good, like it was about to happen and I breathed in the sanctified air of my house. Off to the shower....

So, it happened again. Another download came through and I was prepared, interacting far more than the last time. I asked questions, commented and saw with greater detail. I saw the light of some recent situations and was given insight into the future. I was shown to leave early in the morning to Cave Creek to visit a dear friend and shaman to do the work. I didn’t ask why, I just moved and started unpacking and packing, finding tent and sleeping bag, along with some overnight gear.

Then there was the dance...

Wow! It was the Samba. I felt as though I had already learned this step somewhere following the lead of a master teacher and Deva and I were dancing right away. We got the basic step and started to dance. There is a difference between learning and dancing and this was dancing... No mind, only body, the frame, the music and the movement. It is really something when it happens and it is what the learning is all about. Learning to dance, then dancing. Such a parable for the work and the dance has truly taken all the physical practices I’ve used in my life to another level. So happy to be having this experience and it really complements the soul retrieval.

Then we went back to learning and had a wonderful time learning quite a few basic steps. Practice, practice and more practice, I take it home to the kitchen working the steps out on the tile floor. The dance brings stronger connection to my higher consciousness and Authentic Self. And again, such practical application to heal my being. The dance is amazing and a perfect way to relax and move before leaving tomorrow for the next leg of the journey...

to be continued...

Love and Light,

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