Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Journey... Part 1.

I am listening, my senses tuned to my guides and helper spirits... to creator. I am aligned with my highest and best good, walking the path with purposeful intent. In this way, I am receiving information and guidance from all creation. Everything that happens around me and within me has meaning, purpose. Living consciously like I have been, I am seeing this with greater consistency than ever before.

By listening and staying in tune, I am getting messages from my higher self. They come as visions, often stopping me in my tracks until they pass sometimes extremely emotional and very vivid. They are calls to action, guiding the next steps on my path. They are showing me the way. I am showing me the way. By getting out of my own way, I am opening up to the mysteries of the Universe.

One day back in early October, 2009 Spirit told me to write a book. I didn’t ask why, I just sat down in one of the corner comfy chairs at Ravenheart Coffee in Sedona, AZ and began writing. Within a month, I had the makings of my book and started the editing process. Deva and I edited the first half and I even approached some friends to read some excerpts, fully expecting to publish before the end of 2010.

I began to write the Buffalo Diaries on November 20, 2009, which was about the time the editing and writing on my book stopped. At the time, I think I may have gotten frustrated, but I did trust myself... the guidance. There was much to release still and my practice needed to deepen for me to continue the book. An amazing adventure ensued and I embraced the experience with every cell of my being.

I needed those months, those experiences and lessons to arrive at this place where I can see and hear, more like sense the guidance that is all around. And it is here... I can say that. It is very real...

So, in listening I found myself in San Antonio, TX last Friday the happy new owner of a Dual Sport motorcycle. Spirit had guided me to this place in time and I trusted. All the doubts and second thoughts, suspicions and concerns were tested with my tools of discernment and I was told to proceed. Everything about the meeting and transaction went beyond smooth, as though nothing could get in the way.

The journey home took me through west Texas the first day, riding 650 miles in 17 1/2 hours... Now, consider this. I started motorcycling again after 20 some years in 2007, my first and only experience with a motorcycle being in college for 6 months. Over the past 3 years I have ridden 6000 miles on my cruiser, so I feel comfortable on a bike now. Last year, though I hardly rode at all and I hadn’t been on the bike since October when I did my first overnight down to Phoenix, 120 miles away. Putting it bluntly, I had never done anything like this before...

So, there I was at 3:30 in the morning the first day faced with 1250 miles home and no direct experience to relate to. I was in service, I opened to the experience and I listened... all the way home. The first day was amazing; I had chosen a longer route that kept me off the high traffic Interstate-10, which allowed for a very peaceful ride. The bike and I were one and I dissolved into the experience, following the path before me with diligence, awareness and consciousness.

There was not a lot of thinking. I ran 2 Mantra’s through my mind the whole journey, I listened to my body and I listened to my Higher Self. I met the original creator of my soul, the Universe, of all things... I am not sure precisely when it happened and I can’t describe how, but I know... deep inside. We spoke, I remember the visions of what was being said, but I don’t recall the conversation. There was a conveyance of my Soul’s original blueprint and intent. There was Love and kindness, forgiveness, compassion, joy and happiness... bliss. As the first day of the journey was coming to a close and the sun was setting I still had a few hours of riding in the dark.

I passed a single vehicle accident and stopped to see if the Border Patrol officers needed some help. I shared Love with them and the driver, they were kinda out of their element, being just first responders, but they had done an excellent job of stabilizing the driver and were just waiting for an ambulance. They were relieved after I stopped and helped for a few minutes and suggested that I continue on my journey. I told the driver he would be in my prayers and moved on. All for the highest and best good,

As I continued, I understood that I was in the perfect place at the perfect time, where I was supposed to be and when I arrived at the hotel... the days journey complete. Sharing Love with the staff at the hotel so wonderful and I relaxed into stillness at the end of a long day... As I briefly looked at the weather for the following day, I was confident that all was aligning for the highest and best good, even though the forecast was for rain, snow, and heavy winds, gusting to 50+ mph... I went to sleep that night knowing all would be perfect when I awoke...

As I contemplate that day, now as I write this, I am aware that I got out of my own way, became the “hollow bone” and allowed Spirit to flow through me without any interference. In that experience is where I connected with the Original Creator and it was that day I began to see more clearly what I am to do in this lifetime.

And so I am doing that which I am to do. I have stopped questioning and looking to the realm of reason for answers, instead just being present listening for the guidance and moving on that guidance. In doing so, allowing for my Authentic Nature to shine in the Light of Love and Kindness, I am free and better able to serve myself and others. I am better able to live compassionately and without judgement, to allow for the highest and best good for all creation to manifest itself within the field around me.

And so I continue on this path as it is what I am to do.

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