Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I am dancing the Dance of Life now, having released many major blockages the other day. It is not over, to be sure but I am gaining ground fast these past several days. My clarity is strong, my intuition my guide and Love and Kindness my way. Stuff still comes up to be released, but it went very easily. I reclaimed a very important and key piece of my Soul signature the other night and it shows in my being.

My work is getting stronger, seeing is becoming easier and there is a general ease about me that I hadn’t had before. I have and continue to see All That Is... It is flowing through me as I stay clear and in my light. I am allowing the guidance to come and I listen. In the stillness, it comes... the knowing of. And as I gain my strength and power, there are challenges and many ways to manage them. I have chosen Love and Kindness. I claim and maintain my sovereignty. I know what is best for me right now and I see where I may falter if I engage in certain situations.

In this sensitivity, I have noticed that there are triggers that activate in me deep programming and I have had the propensity to slip into a different state of being when encountering those triggers. Also, I have noticed that what was a trigger in the past has little effect on me once I have done the work around it. Yay! There is a way to be free! Forgiveness and Release... Love and Kindness... These are the tools I needed for the journey. These monikers instruct to let it all go and radiate the Love that is the Source of all Creation. To embody the vibration of Love and activate parts of my being that had been dormant for so long.

Well, I acknowledge that this has been an arduous journey, but I have said many times it is worth it. The relentless pursuit of the Truth brings about Freedom. I am in better health and wellness than I have ever been in my life. My 20 year old dance teacher took me for a 25 year old and was shocked by my age in years. My mind is clear and the toxic emotions, thoughts and voices that once ruled the roost are at bay. I have acknowledged much about myself and sought to understand me. What I found is wonderful and I know how to stay true on this path. The journey has presented many things along the way that have been moved with Love. Much darkness faced and dispelled by just Loving more.

When I see a potential trigger I look at what is happening with the energy and ask Creator what is in my highest and best good. In the stillness comes that answer and I listen. Oftentimes, triggers present themselves right after a release and return of big life-changing Soul Energy. In my case, I have been doing some big work and just released a major blockage that had been holding me back for most of my life. So, I am sensitive now. I just received a piece of me back that I haven’t seen or experienced in so long. I need time to integrate and come to know and understand this part of me. During this time, I must surround myself with like-minded, like-energy people, places and things... experiences. Walking into the shadow of what I just released and am healing is self-sabotage and an alignment with the dark. I am Light and Love incarnate. Darkness identified in me is to be released immediately without pause or question because that is what my Authentic Self wants and that is why I am here. To heal...

So much to heal I understood yesterday morning as my Brother Joseph and I shared a Lakota Pipe Ceremony at Shaman’s Cave. My physicality in this dimension is so to act out the experiences necessary to cleanse my Soul Energy. In doing so, I am contributing to the health and well-being of All That Is. This is the Truth. It comes to me that we, human beings were never meant to go down the path that we did, but somehow we forgot a long time ago who we really were. Humanities choices on a mass consciousness scale, manipulated by the dark forces of power, envy, greed, lust, anger, fear and hatred, has brought us to a precipice. It is all right here before us if we choose to see. And so there is much to heal, I know... and I know that healing myself is the way to contribute to the healing of All That Is.

I have made my choice... I stand for the Light. I stand for Love. This is my choice, final answer. The internal debate has ceased and that bridge has been crossed. I am on the side of Light.

One must choose for themselves where their alignment is. Personal choice and free will requisite for the journey, one will come to many challenges that require discernment, trust and inner guidance. But the choice must be made... There has been acceptance, I have observed the “way things are” and a general malaise regarding personal spiritual growth. But it seems as though things are shifting. People are awakening and beginning to see. Choices are being made and those that are aligning to the Light are experiencing a number of life-changing things. For all people this time is one of vibrational shift and it brings clarity if one allows it. It is a process, every individual different in their experience, but thematically there is common ground.

The old ways are rooted in darker frequencies, were developed under dark regimes and have perpetuated suffering throughout the world for thousands of years. They other than worked for spiritual growth and access to the Divine. Well, that is what is happening right now, spiritual growth... So they don’t work and I am letting it all go. I have chosen and understand now that in my blissful ignorance of the past, in not choosing to see back then I lost all my power and the choice was made for me... I was plugged in, just another part of the mass consciousness guided by slower vibrations.

In choosing the Light, I have become devoutly steadfast in my highest and best good. I am listening to the guidance from my higher consciousness and it is leading me farther away from the old ways. I am less able to relate to people, places and things... experiences that are rooted in those old ways. There is less energy to relate within and often there is very little to say if it is an experience relating to people. So, I have found myself going within... Staying present, conscious and aware. When I am faced with a trigger, something that tries to pull me back into my own connections to the past and the old ways, I am ultra-sensitive. The energy I have worked so hard to get back is so fresh, like a baby new... I must protect it as the new being it truly is. The allure of the old ways a strain on my newly returned energy and so I choose to limit my exposure.

In doing so, I realize that I am certain that this is the right thing for me now. I am certain that my spiritual growth and Freedom is my number one priority and I am taking steps to strengthen my new ways of being. I am finding experiences that are reinforcing the new ways and I embrace those fully. I am less inclined to just go out... When I do it is with purposeful intent that I do so and when I do I share Love with all Creation. The Muses, my Guides and Helper Spirits are all around me and I release myself to Creator that I may be a vessel filled with Love. That I may think, speak and act with Love and Kindness in all situations.

This is my destiny, this is what I chose and this is what I am...

Love and Kindness,

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  1. I enjoyed reading this article. Way to go, Marc!