Thursday, March 18, 2010

Jury Duty

We have been dancing more frequently... Out of the learning mode, a state of no-mind and the steps and body flow with the music unimpeded. The sensations are amazing and laughter came forth. There is something to it, this Ballroom Dance. So much has changed since starting...

I am softer and more graceful in movement, yet my body has taken on a physical form I remember from my youth. I maintain a sensitivity to my environment, looking for the rhythm and flowing with it. I think that is it... the dance has shown me how to move with the rhythm of the Universe. How to flow with the energy that is all around us.

In the dance, if I hold any tension, thoughts or am not completely present I am more aware of what I don’t have in the dance at that moment... a connection to the rhythm. As I let go of all that and sink into the moment with the beat, merge with it becomes a part of me and I of it... One. That is where it all happens, a miraculous experience is available.

The energies ebb and flow and as I learn to discern what to do in each moment that supports my highest and best good, to create intention and action that only supports this has been my endeavor. My experience has been utterly amazing, an adventure I continue to say steeped in illumination and discovery.

I have come to know things in a way that is so deep. To describe the flow of miracles... No need, as I have come to know it. And this knowing expresses itself in my doing, that is the description. I have witnessed myself in the flow and it has changed me, yet again. In beauty I walk all around me it is here. All experiences have been wondrous and filled with opportunity and life energy.

I have been releasing judgement on this journey and I was provided an experience to take a look at this more closely. A few weeks ago, I received in the mail my first ever Jury Duty summons. Ok, I suspect I know what you all are thinking... But, I thought not much of it at first, just went into a save the date and don’t forget type of mindset. But as the day approached I was definitely struggling with it. I knew I didn’t want to do it and my rational mind started to try and make the excuses... I stayed with what’s for my highest and best good. At some point, I saw all the chatter and journeyed on it.

I discovered that in releasing judgement from my life by embracing Love and Kindness, Forgiveness and Release I could not participate in the trial. At this time, I could not sit on a panel to pass judgement on another person. I needed to maintain my sovereignty and communicate this when the time came. It was important for me to see this for it created an experience that was effortless.

The night before I was to go to Prescott for jury duty something nefarious came to me in my sleep and I awoke at 3:30. I got up and started to work clearing myself. Deva got up too and we both worked it pretty hard and I got my energy back and was releasing as I left for Prescott. An hour and a half ride on the bike, temperature 39 degrees when I got there, was incredibly invigorating! I knew I was releasing because the dark thoughts would come in, but every time they did I went the opposite direction back to Love and Kindness. I continued to forgive and release all the way there.

Staying present, I knew what was needed... and when it came to it, I was in the first panel and release by 10:30. I just spoke the truth and did my civic duty. All for the highest good and so I left Prescott to return to Sedona with the Sun shining bright, the chill gone. I stopped again at the Jerome overlook as I recognized a guy I’d met the last time I was there! He has ridden this Harley, i think he said he’s had three, over 300,000 miles and it has been in every state except Hawaii. We talked and smiled, in fact that stands out... The big grin, we both had it...

I took the road less travelled on the way home. It was easy at first, hard packed and well-travelled but as I turned towards Sedona the road freshly graded became more challenging and I almost went off once or twice. I took a side trail and obtained a view, even more challenging but well worth the excursion. But, it did get smooth again and way easier as I continued to listen to the energy of the day, doing what I was guided to do. I returned an inquiry on my cruiser, as I had placed an ad in craigslist before going to Prescott, and he wanted to see the bike.

Long story short... He bought the bike. And as I sat in the energy of the day, looking back on it, I realized how perfect it all is when I am aligned with my Higher Consciousness. So I listened and was shown many things. In this guidance I trust. I release it all to the Original Creator and allow the divine guidance to flow through me. There is peace here in the knowing. I continue to be student, as well as guide on this path and I walk it with gratitude and Love.

Thank You Creator. Thank You All who walk this path and carry Love and Kindness with you on your journey. Blessings...


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  1. Brava & cheers for you. I'm also releasing a 'tendency' to judge things, people, ideas.