Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Beginnings...

When I got home from the Journey, I was tired to be sure, but I had an energy pouring through me that was extraordinarily exhilarating. I was committed to going to my Ballroom Dance class, even though I was having a difficult time even speaking. The Dance has been an important part of the experience these past few weeks... And I will post an entry on the Dance very soon.

What was amazing, though, was the download that came thru just before class. It happened in the shower, as the water cascading over me cleansed the energies of the Journey and I opened even more to the experience. I spoke of the receipt of Divine information before, how it feels and what it is like and this was no different. It just about put me to my knees and I found that my tears of joy and happiness were mixing with the water coming from above me.

It was shared with me, again, what my mission is... what I am to do. It was shared with me to have faith... to believe in my experiences and act accordingly. To see all things that are around me as the perfect manifestation of Creator to assist me on this path. To know that as I build my strength and reclaim my Soul energies that were lost along the way I would be better able to act towards the fulfillment of my mission. I heard that all along the way, even when I wasn’t conscious of it, I was working towards my Soul’s mission and not to fuss over my minds perception of the times it appeared to me that I was not. Everything I have experienced in this lifetime has been in preparation for this moment right now.

I was told to write about my experience, to share my Journey with the world and that those that would benefit in their own growth and development would find what they needed. It was conveyed that I need not be critical of myself during this time, that I just needed to continue to see and continue to be the very best that I can be in every moment, stay present, aware and conscious so as to be able to receive the guidance that the Spirit world was providing. This is very important for all, but for me in particular I was still holding some judgement over my actions of the past that was keeping me from being fully present in the Now. I let that go, allowing the water to wash that frequency down the drain...

I was shown the blueprint, or a part of it anyway, the design that is to be created by my interaction within the third dimension and how it related to other dimensions, other realities and the future in this dimension. I was called to bring together a community of like-minded beings. To create the infrastructure to allow those in the world (through the internet) to come together to see the illusion that has bound our remembrance and assist those Souls in human form that are ready to leave it all behind and truly begin to see how to escape, to become free and autonomous so as to fully tap into their true Nature and potential.

This is so clear to me now... perhaps a little overwhelming, but that just means I have more work to do around it. And so I continue the work... That has been a theme in these Buffalo Diaries. I am like an onion, with every healing there is another layer that is revealed. I accept that now and diligently stay on the path. If I falter, I pick myself up and continue. As my power and strength grows, I have found that I don’t falter for as long, nor as hard as I used to.

So, wondrous things occurred on the Journey foretelling much. Physically I needed a rest and so I took a couple of days to allow all to integrate. I am on the Path, fulfilling my destiny and aligned with my Higher Consciousness. It is all as it is supposed to be and I am allowing for it to unfold for the highest and best good for all Creation. I am getting out of my own way, so I can just be... That is where the miracles happen!

Light and Love


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