Friday, March 5, 2010

the Journey... Part 2

When I awoke on Sunday morning in El Paso, TX I looked out the window and saw the beautiful blue sky and no wind... I was elated. Perhaps the weather forecasters were wrong, I thought. I made my way down to the bike with coffee and cigarette, my morning ritual, to clear the nights activities and set my intent for the day. As I walked out the door into the glorious sunshine opening my arms into the East and the rising sun, expanding my energy and receiving the warmth, I was unaware of what was happening in the West... I remember saying my prayers, eyes closed releasing the past and coming into oneness with the moment... the glorious sunshine warming my being, I was at peace.

I opened my eyes, turned around and was surprised to see a wall of black storm clouds the likes of which I hadn’t seen in a while... I knew what it meant, the forecasters weren’t wrong the predicted weather was about to arrive. I knew what I would be riding into. 35 mph sustained winds out of the West with gusting to 50+, rain, snow and thunder showers. For a moment, my mind told me to go back inside, crawl into bed and turn the TV on and wait... and for a moment, that’s what I was going to do. But something within me called that to question, so I tested it with my discernment tools.

So, I was looking at some serious weather and contemplating traveling through it... several hundred miles that would be challenging in a car, let alone a 500 lb motorcycle with a 150 lb rider... But, the message I kept getting was to proceed! Ok. Listen, Marc I said to myself. Ask creator what is the highest and best good. I closed my eyes and began to breathe, stilling my mind... I listened.

I don’t hear the messages in the traditional sense of hearing words in my ears or my mind, rather it is a sense of knowing. I do use a form of muscle testing, sometimes a pendulum, to test information and in this case I began to rock forward onto my toes standing there in the parking lot... Forward rocking is yes, side to side is no for me and in this case I was rocking so far forward as to be on my toes and almost taking a step forward. This was a resounding yes, proceed.

I asked the question, “Is it in my highest and best good to travel today?” Again, with the forward rocking... So, Ok... get out of mind, pack up and move. I finished my coffee and went in to pack with the sun shining from the East and the black wall coming closer to the West.

Packed and ready (right down to the hotel laundry bags on my feet!) for whatever the day had to bring, I walked out the doors and was almost blown over by the wind. Literally, I had to lean into it to keep from getting blown back. Wow, I was to ride in this? Again, I considered checking back in and spending the day in front of the TV... But I asked and even with the wind, I rocked forward onto my toes. OK... I get it.

I was tested that day. Trust... my mind told me that what I was doing was dangerous, risky and wrong, but my being was guided and I listened. I got on the bike, clutch... 1st gear and the day began...

There were many miracles that day; many discoveries and much self-awareness... I got out of my way. I trusted that Creator was showing me something and I rode on. I was safe all day, enveloped in Love I faced every challenge that day with a smile. When I was cold, I ran the mantra, when I was being blown off the road... the mantra... whatever challenge that presented itself, the mantra.

        I am Love and Kindness.
        I feel Love and Kindness.
        I share Love and Kindness.
        I Love myself completely.
        I Love all that I am.
        I Love all Creation...

Over and over I would alternate between Mantras... The other one is:

        I am the Light of this body.
        The Universal One.
        Beyond mind,
        I am a complete Radiant Being...

And I shared Love with all Creation. I shared myself with the wind, rain, hail, wet and slippery roads, the other motorists on the 15 miles of Interstate I travelled... Everywhere I went, I was Love and Kindness. I ate lunch with some rough looking bikers in Safford, AZ and shared Love. There were no barriers, there was nothing but common ground, there was Love Unconditional. After, we embraced knowing we were the same... knowing.

I rode on throughout the day and the weather changed... the sun shone and my journey continued. As fatigue began to set in, the mantra. As darkness fell and I found myself with over 100 miles to go for the day the mantra my companion through the curviest and most mountain driving of the whole journey. I was never in doubt... I was never in fear. Creator walking with me I was one with...

As I got off the bike in Mesa, AZ and crawled into bed I realized there was nothing to be afraid of... Ever. Perceivably, I was alone all day... But, my experience showed me that truly, I wasn’t. That by staying clear and present, I walked with Creator and I was safe... I was having the experience that I was to have and it was perfect... Even though in the realm of reason everything was pointing to danger, I was immune to it. I was not alone.

I understand that we are never alone on this journey... in life. The spirit world is alive and many blessings and miracles are available to us, we just need to be aware.

When I see with more than my eyes, when I hear with more than my ears and when I feel with more than my skin a miraculous world that exists all around me opens up... and in that understanding I have found peace...

Love and LIght


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  1. wow, that journey gave me goosebumps-can't wait to read your book. it was a strange feeling i had while reading, as i too have deep desire to write & to ride. but i don't think i have the deep understanding of spirits yet-that you do...