Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Journey... Part 3.

I am up and on the road at about 4:30, wanting to miss the rush hour traffic and be well north of Phoenix when the sun rises. The moon spectacular! Full the day before, still brilliant in the crisp morning chill. What is it about the moments just before sunrise that make it so cold? I stop in Carefree and contemplate this, sitting with the morning taking pictures of the moon. As I ride East to Wickenburg , the moon Huge in front of me and then gone behind the last of the moisture in the air.

Pre-dawn light... Before the sun is actually up, it was amazing that morning. The desert alive with colors, particularly green, a carpet of lush grass making all the landscape shimmer. It was as though I was seeing an Aura on the landscape. The rains providing much needed moisture to the arid landscape as well as washing away the old energies of the past. It was brilliant, magnificent... I am so grateful to be in the moment, alive and free.

It is cold this morning, a cowboy in Wickenburg commenting on it being in the low 30’s and frost in places. The chill massaging my senses, opening as the heat from my vest cascades warmth through my core. I am content, nothing but the road, the throttle, the stillness of it all, miles passing by. As I gain elevation to Prescott there is snow on the road and some icy patches in the shade. Vigilant, mantra and aware I ride peacefully into Prescott, not stopping, home so close now.

Over the mountains again into the Verde Valley, I stop above the ghost town of Jerome and am welcomed by the invitation to meet Deva at our favorite restaurant in Clarkdale. Wonderful! I take a moment to clear. Move some energy, release some energy I picked up along the way. I spoke to a rider who had been to every state on his Harley, including Alaska. That he had done 2 rebuilds and rode some 300,000 miles on his bike.... Wow.

In to Clarkdale and a stop at Su Casa... Yum! I share the experience with Deva and savor every bite. Such an experience, I am home... But there is one more thing I need to do. Introductions needed to be made, this bike to the desert. I had just ridden some 1200+ miles in 2 1/2 days and I was going to finish with some Sedona red rock and dirt! Yay. As I packed up and got back on the bike for the last 30 miles, I smiled.

The knowing that came to me that moment... many moments on the journey was and still is profound. It is a deep, core level understanding of the truth. This path I am walking is with purposeful intent and attention to the details, the signposts that present along the way revealing key insights into myself. As I turn off Highway 89A onto the dirt, it all comes together. I stop in this magnificent landscape and dance.

I am dancing in the mud to the beat of a different drum. I am dancing on the earth, peacefully my boots move grounding into the mother, Gaia. I slowed to a stop and stood vibrant on solid ground, energy moving through my root and out through my crown... flowing with the natural rhythm of the Universe. Down and up, up and down. Harmony...

I am home.

Peace and Love

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