Monday, May 3, 2010

the Buffalo Diaries has moved...

Hi Everyone...

I have moved the Buffalo Diaries to it’s new home over the weekend. All writing will be posted at the new website from now on.

Thank you for following along here and I hope you find your way over to the new home soon.

Blessings on your Journey.

Love and Kindness,

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Just doing...

I had no idea when I woke up this morning, I would be publishing a book today! But that is what happened... I am almost there. There wasn’t any thinking about it, nor is there now as I write this last entry in the Buffalo Diaries before going to print. That’s right, I am publishing these journals as my first book! Wow, is all I can say out loud at this moment. I wrote of my experience for three months and was told the other day that I would be publishing very soon. I thought Heroes of the Now would come out first, but not so...

This has been quite an experience... I am a little emotional as I write this, having completed something of Divine guidance. When I started writing these diaries, little did I know they would be my first book...

So, as this phase of my Journey comes to a close I feel light, free and filled with joy! I trust Creator and my Authentic Self to guide me as I continue. The next step is to publish the Buffalo Diaries so I am.

I have come to see in my experience that we have all that we need to do whatever we want in this life. If we are ever-present, conscious and aware we create the space to be. And that is what is precious, the true gift. As I have come to know my Authentic Self, I see that Love and Kindness is my True Nature and anything other than is indication that something is amiss. Go after it, I do, with great fervor... relentless in my pursuit of the Truth, I continue.

And therein is the key... To continue.

My responsibility is to myself, to remain true to my Authentic Being. If I do this, I am aligned with all Creation and carry Love and Kindness to all situations and experiences. This is the gift we all could share if we wanted to. It is accessible to all and quite honestly will likely become the necessary route for all of humanity. Forgiveness and release would cleanse humankind like no other experience we have collectively experienced. If everybody took total personal responsibility for every thought, word or action they had ever created in any lifetime, reality or dimension and in any state of consciousness the world would be a different place. Perhaps heaven on earth... Can we make it so?

I now think so... I have experienced healing on a level only described as miraculous. Love and kindness, along with the forgiveness and release is the access point, but the depth to which we seek is our own. Each of us willing to go as far as we might on any given day or in any given moment. And what we see is our own as well. We see what we want to see... Ask for the Truth and it is shown. Accept the lies and the world becomes a dark and resistive place.

I choose Creation, Light and Love! I follow the energy, my Authentic Self at the helm, the Journey continues... the Buffalo Diaries, like myself will move and change... develop and grow, never striving for anything, rather listening for the grass breathing, as the wind whispers and the rain clouds gather... There is a storm outside, yet a calm is here in my presence. I am in my purpose and I proceed with the knowing that this is what I am to do.

And so I continue, as the Raven spoke a week ago. As I listen and act, shortening the time lag between guidance and movement I notice that things are speeding up. Density... slowness is a symptom, signaling the need to build the light and speed the frequency up, to move faster than fast as the fractals emerge. Brilliant bright shining white light is other than dense... and I am that, so I move with all Creation...

Thank you all for reading and providing comments and feedback. I am excited to see where this leads and what new discoveries await as the next phase of my life and the Buffalo Diaries comes to be... if you care to follow along, the Buffalo Diaries will soon be hosted at

Love and Kindness, Marc

Monday, April 19, 2010


Well, Little Hawk was intended for another. Welcome, to this new energy and I am honored to be able to pass on the information. It is a humbling experience to be in the presence of Creator and speak words on their behalf. Blessings to Little Hawk...

Today, the birds are back. They were conspicuously absent from the yard yesterday when I awoke and stepped outside for my morning tea. There was much to clear and shed light on yesterday, a darkness surrounding the outskirts of our presence. Much was illuminated and many discoveries made. Such is the nature of soul retrieval. When something is off, we go after it... Look for the source, so as to get the energy back and seal the crack.

As the day progressed, my partner, Deva and I continued to stay present and alert, sensing the swirling fractals of experience and calling our power back from situations where it had been lost. We discovered what was needed and did the work, staying present for one another as the cords and attachments were released and all the black magic spells and curses were broken. I was working on healing a sense of betrayal and manipulation, forgiving and releasing more insight into the situation appeared as it was being released. I came to see the outcome of another’s will being expressed or projected onto me and my surroundings. It was palpable and very controlling, however subtly so.

We contemplated obligation vs. highest good and what that meant, discovering the importance of remaining true to one’s Higher Consciousness. That is how we live. We listen, discern and move with Creator, staying aligned with and acting only upon those experiences that are for our highest good. When obligation comes in, resonating with such a different frequency, what does one do? It causes friction, and one tends to suborn their Higher Consciousness. It is true, what is in one’s highest good may not be the same for another and true brothers and sisters on the path will understand that. Clear, compassionate communication is necessary in these situations and much Love and Kindness; all must allow each to be and express themselves to a collaborative resolution.

This is what Love does...

Love is acceptance and gratitude, deep resonant Truth in the face of all. Love restores everything to the natural order and perfect balance with all Creation. Love allows all to be, with forgiveness and release.

The birds returned again, a big flock of them are in the yard right now! Singing and talking, they are picking away at the detritus in the yard, recycling energy for the natural order. Yay!!! Thank you, Creator!

How does one carry the light that they are into the world? Shining so bright and standing in Truth can be intimidating and overpowering for others who may be facing their own challenges in expressing their own Light and Authenticity. What does one do? Is it appropriate to “tone it down” for the audience? I think not... I compromised my energy many times in my life and all it did was strip me of my power and suborned my Higher Consciousness. I did what was other than for my highest good, I suppressed my expression and that took me down other inauthentic timelines of experience.

I have spent the last three years healing from this experience and come to know that I must continually strive to be the very best human being I can possibly be... I must follow my Higher Self, allowing the guides and the rhythm of the Universe to lead the way. In restoring balance to myself and acting with integrity, I authentically move through each of life’s experiences with Love and Kindness. This has created a peaceful energy and sanctuary around me. It works!

It is apparent that it is working because my life is filled with abundance... Love, Health, Wealth and Happiness. The natural order of All that Is and I am in flow with it in my life. And it shows... Our light shines bright, we are in right relations, we are happy and joyous. We dance, we sing and we celebrate. We are free.

And so I have come to see that suppressing energy for any reason is other than the light. It is manipulative and controlling. We are all come to this Earth to express Love and Kindness; to be one with Creator in physical form. As this happens, as our beingness comes into alignment with all Creation we have access to vast resources. We are in flow with all of the Universe and the order, once restored, brings us to the right place at the right time and there is nothing to do, but just be.

This was an uncomfortable feeling for me when I was first starting out... Believing in myself enough to flow, rather than control, manipulate and strategize. I remember that and understand why it is uncomfortable. But I sit here now and say, please work with those feelings so as to allow the Light that you are to shine. You are a Light Being in human form and the planet is in transition. We are evolving into higher frequencies of Light as foretold by many far and wide.

So, it’s uncomfortable... Many things in this life have been uncomfortable and yet, I survived and got better at it... When learning to walk as a child, I tried, toppled over, laughed and got back up again. This is the experience... We are learning to walk again before we can fly. We are learning to release all the holds of the old ways to create something so new as to have never been seen before. All the great thinkers and sages of their day were looked at with suspicion. The masses viewed the outliers with separation and ignorance. They were not having the same experience. The visionaries were out in front, leading the way... the scouts for the new route, we are testing paths of consciousness to determine their efficacy towards cultivating the Loving Timeline.

I am seeing a rewriting of the human story. The mythology of the past has become far outdated and frankly has ceased to function for humanity today. We are in search of a new Hero’s Journey, as Joseph Campbell would say and I have come to see the Truth in this. There are many who are forging the way, releasing the traditions of the past, so as to have a greater clarity and ability to listen. We are dowsing the way, but must be crystal clear in our being to know the Truth. Every step along the way, a discovery of that to be release so the Journey can continue.

We are here to bear witness to each other’s challenge and support and grow as we transmute the very foundation that reality has been created in. Those that are willing to postulate that there is something different and test the hypothesis are visionary beings in troubled times. They are out there and I commend their efforts. All of our efforts, during this time of transformation are necessary if we are to proceed onto the Loving Timeline. Much personal effort and growth mark the inspired one; they know it is difficult and never give up even though they may falter.

And whatever place you are on your journey know that there is support all around you. You are one with all Creation and Creator is there for you.

We are here for each other to support one another when and how we can, to stay aligned to individual sovereignty and grow... always grow, the time for dallying on the trail is over. Constant forward movement as the frequency quickens we must learn to move faster than fast to stay in the flow. Light and Love are faster vibrations, follow them and leave the density behind. Release anything that is impeding the flow and sovereignty returns. Be in the Truth and all is revealed...

I now take total personal responsibility for all my thoughts, words and actions I have created in any lifetime, any dimension or reality and in all forms of consciousness. I am the light of this body, the universal one, beyond the mind I am that complete radiant One.

I shine the brilliance of my Light and share my Love with all Creation, forgiving and releasing all the past I step into this moment, completely as I am...

Listening for the beat, I step into my frame and Dance...

Love and Kindness,

Friday, April 16, 2010

Little Hawk

It happened the other day. I was working with my teacher and two other Shaman. It was pretty intensive, we were clearing a house and then going to work on one of us. In our line of work, there is much that can get stuck on us, as well as our own stuff that we are clearing. So one of us was going to benefit from the other three. I learned that day just how synergistic our light and power could be when working together. Pulling demons and entities out, dismantling programs, removing layer upon layer of ethereal goo, when he sat up and exclaimed, I am being born! I am a Native American! I need a name... Little Hawk popped into my voice and I spoke it. By his remarks and laying back down I knew it wasn’t for him and he didn’t mention it after that during the remainder of the session.

Now, I admit I have been seeing something unfold here and may have even written about it in the past. But, that moment I wondered if it was for me. I am deepening my roots, and my practice has become very powerful. I knew it that day. Working together the four of us, I worked in 2 sessions and the light returned to each was astounding. The work works I remember hearing in a dream or vision, but I was seeing it before my eyes yet again, but this time the healing power amplified tremendously by our combined efforts.

It was an awesome day and I, too received a healing. It was a week ago and I have been really lit up. Things are flowing effortlessly and much energy is moving. I know who I am and I stand fearless in the face of darkness that may want to prevent me from seeing this dream to fruition. I stand tall for my free will to choose and I choose the Light.

Earlier this week, I wrote the Breakthrough Letter for my book and published it at and have been writing a guided Journey to Remembering there as well. Much is moving in the area of Creation. We even have a dance floor on our back patio! Awesome...

Yesterday I began to work on my book and this afternoon, I was printing the semi-final draft! It is so close... Next for some galley proofs to be shipped out... I went to meditate upon the energy of what had transpired in the past several days and culminated this afternoon. I went in really, really deep and the buffalo spirit came to me. I remembered that he was there that healing day a week ago. And we spoke. He told me things. Little Hawk was indeed an energy about me or me... that part I think my mind is interpreting, so I will check more with my guides. However, the name is for me to understand. I did hand write it below my name on the cover of the book before I could even think about it, there it was in gold ink... Along with the 2-week Journey and the Buffalo Diaries, i guess I am supposed to publish these with the galley proofs... so I will. Still gonna hold off on the name until I understand it better.

Then it happened...

I was deep in meditation, when the hit came in... stealth it was on me before I had a chance to prepare. I was in such a vulnerable place in my sanctuary, I thought I was safe. It was severe and took two remote Shaman an hour to help me clear myself and the house. Then another hour on my own to even begin to feel like I could continue writing.

But I know... Whenever I have been this close before something came in to derail the progress. Not this time, I knew what to do in calling immediately for assistance and saved myself days, if not weeks of repair. So, it is over and done, everything cleared and I am still on the Loving Timeline! Awesome!

So, here goes... Heroes of the Now is almost finished, the galley proofs are the litmus and they are right there in front of me. I just need to align with their arrival and the rest is done... It is all coming to pass, just as I saw it...

Loving Kindness,
the Buffalo Diaries

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

the Raven

I just did ceremony around the house, offering tobacco at the four corners of the property. At each corner, as well as the gates and doorways, I said a prayer with purposeful intent to the four directions. I asked the Spirits, Guides and Helpers to protect our house and family. To only allow the highest and best good to pass through and into our space. I intend to create and hold a sacred space around the entirety of our house and grounds, a sanctuary from the outside world where only Love and Kindness exist.

As I was finishing, Raven came to me and perched. He spoke of many things and showed me much wisdom that I already had. He told me to believe in myself, my intuition and to continue on the path I am aligned with. He said all would be, just as it is supposed to be and there would be abundance and joy in the coming days. Remain present and clear, as the time is approaching to step fully into a new experience, he shared. He flew into my heart and swept it clear of residual fears and doubt, opening an even greater understanding of my practice. He showed me things...

Continue, was his last word...

And so I do, following the beat of my heart in unison with the rhythm of All that Is.

Shining the Light of my Clarity, I steady my frame, see the moves, feel the beat and move...

Love and Kindness,


check out where I have been guiding a 2-week journey to remembering...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Heroes of the Now

I have been the flow, calling in my teacher he returned to Sedona on the spur of the moment. Deepening the work and bringing a client over today for a first session, much is happening.

My book has spiraled back into now and I have created a website and Facebook Fan Page to support the next phase. I am also documenting a 2-week guided Journey to remembering. Today is day 4, so come on over to Heroes of the Now and participate!

Before I go write day 4 of the Journey, I want to share this brief experience with Synchronicity...

I had an opportunity to travel with my Brother and Sister on their Journey to Three Rivers to visit our teacher, Blue Cloud. A part of me, my mind, wanted to go. However, when I checked the energy there was a firm no go. So, I stayed and supported by phone as they had their experience. While I was home, I had some amazing insights and releases leading up to a HUGE shift in my being on Sunday morning.

I was taking a bath, a place where much meditation and journey work occurs for me and I was given a download. I was shown many things and given instruction on the next steps. The Heroes of the Now website, fan page and blog were all borne from that download. Towards the end of the experience in the bath, I had the deep knowing that I needed to see my teacher. It was so strong that it created its own momentum and I started to visualize how it would happen... To a certain extent, my logical mind took over and started to plan out how to make it happen. The phone rang about that time, but I didn’t answer it. I continued my planning, getting out of the bath and mapping my route to Three Rivers on the bike. There would be too days travel either way and I wanted to spend 3 days with him... seven days. How was I going to make that work? I didn’t know, but I just trusted that all would come together.

Shortly after I had fully committed to a Journey to Three Rivers I looked at the phone and saw that it was Blue Cloud who called... He was coming to Sedona and would arrive Monday night...

The rest of the day Sunday and Monday I followed my guidance, working on the projects diligently. When my teacher arrived, it became very clear what is happening and why I was guided to do what I was doing... at the end of the evening, I was driving Blue Cloud back to his place, we were discussing the happenings around us and I had a vision. As I shared what I saw, out the front windshield we both witnessed a long shooting star cross the horizon. I know... The best place for me right now is right here and I accept. I do the work... I create.

And so the Journey does continue, even though there is no travel I am moving with the rhythm of the Universe and I am free...

So, click here and become one of the Heroes of the Now, bringing consciousness to Humanity during these transformational times.

Love and Kindness,

the Buffalo Diaries

Sunday, April 4, 2010

I Forgive

There was a lie, a life-altering lie that began so long ago. I am doing the work to let it go and forgive those that were involved. They only wanted what was best for me, I understand but the energy perpetuated by the lie shaped my life. I didn’t know about it until about 10 years ago, then when I did come to know it was because I asked, then almost forgotten until recently again... Hmmmm... Sounds familiar... Sounds like a soul retrieval coordinate... So, I went in...

I remember many years ago, commenting to myself, my ex-wife and my parents that I was living a lie. It was at a time where my marriage was really in a bad way and I was very unhappy in that victim role. But what was coming to the surface were the sensations that something wasn’t right. I was a liar... I spoke other than the Truth and watched as it manifested all around me. What I know now is that I was fully immersed in a lie the whole time and I didn’t know it. When I asked about it 10 years ago and was told it started to release its hold on me and thus began a 10-year Journey to unravel the Truth and reclaim my sovereignty.

The one thing that stands out for me in my past is that I was unable to speak my Truth. But that was supported and reinforced so as I continued to interact with the world, I would go very quickly to the lie. Energetically the Truth holds a vibration of Love, much different from the frequency of fear, which is where the ability to consciously speak other than the Truth comes from. So, I lived in fear, surrounded by it, at times heavier than others but there always. I had no idea until just yesterday the impact this had on me.

At the core of my being I was reinforced with the energy of fear and taught that lying was an acceptable solution, albeit the preferred solution. That complete suppression of my Truth was the preferred way to be and I would likely get further along and be more successful in “Life” should I adopt this way of being. I did... And the rest is history as they say... Until Now. This is not history, I am making history... laying down the experience and in this case setting it straight. No more lie for me... I am free! I speak my Truth, clearly and consciously with Love and Kindness I stand in the Truth.

And so I heal... I do the work around this experience, being shown it so to get my power and Soul Pieces back from it. To illuminate the darkness it created and heal. In living this life, Creator wants to express through me... through all of us really, and by living in an other than the Truth way I was unable to express the True Essence of my being.

Love and Kindness, that is what I am. Joy and Bliss immaculate, I am. Forgiveness, I am.

I let it all go... In this moment I consciously affirm my Loving intent to Forgive and Release this entire Timeline. I take total personal responsibility for all my thoughts, words and actions and I cancel all contracts, vows and agreements that go against my highest good. I call back all my power and sovereignty, lost, taken or given away from this experience. I release all parties caught up in the lie and forgive them all with Love and Kindness. From the depth of my being and deep within my Soul, I forgive...

There is no moment before now, just memories... history. I can change that in the blink of an eye. I can stop being attached to it so it affects my beingness now, and I do so. It is done, it is forgiven and I can move on.

Opening my eyes I see a brighter space around me and the birds are singing... There is Love in the air. Creator is expressing through me and I can feel it with all my senses, deep into my bones it goes and springs forth. I am so Happy! The Truth has set me free...

I take a moment and close my eyes again looking to see if there is anything left to see and it is gone. The veil lifted and the illusion seen in the Light of the Truth. It is good...

I am moving consciously into new territory these days, standing in the Light that I am. As I get further down the path, my steadiness begins to grow and what was once unsure footing is now rock solid. I am standing firmly rooted in my being... and tests have come to show me that I am, so I continue. I am discovering me and allowing me to be discovered. Self-empowerment through direct experience is bringing about the desired results.

I asked for this... My soul steadily working with me until I remembered, then guiding me to the Truth, the healing and the Love. And now, my Soul is shining bright in this body vessel for all to see, the two well aware of one another and assisting each other on the Journey.

I have reconnected to my book, Heroes of the Now and am setting about to finish it. Excerpts will be up soon, and a website. I am very excited. As this day begins, I understand why I was awoken at 4:00 this morning. I needed to complete the process and spend that last couple of hours completely clearing from yesterday and the past. Their was unresolved stuff that I needed to move through so as to fully embrace what is coming in for me now. 2 hours of deep Forgiveness and Release is a wonderfully empowering way to spend the morning.

So, the ending becomes the beginning and I rise with the dawn of a new day and begin to create...

Love and Kindness,