Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Heroes of the Now

I have been the flow, calling in my teacher he returned to Sedona on the spur of the moment. Deepening the work and bringing a client over today for a first session, much is happening.

My book has spiraled back into now and I have created a website and Facebook Fan Page to support the next phase. I am also documenting a 2-week guided Journey to remembering. Today is day 4, so come on over to Heroes of the Now and participate!

Before I go write day 4 of the Journey, I want to share this brief experience with Synchronicity...

I had an opportunity to travel with my Brother and Sister on their Journey to Three Rivers to visit our teacher, Blue Cloud. A part of me, my mind, wanted to go. However, when I checked the energy there was a firm no go. So, I stayed and supported by phone as they had their experience. While I was home, I had some amazing insights and releases leading up to a HUGE shift in my being on Sunday morning.

I was taking a bath, a place where much meditation and journey work occurs for me and I was given a download. I was shown many things and given instruction on the next steps. The Heroes of the Now website, fan page and blog were all borne from that download. Towards the end of the experience in the bath, I had the deep knowing that I needed to see my teacher. It was so strong that it created its own momentum and I started to visualize how it would happen... To a certain extent, my logical mind took over and started to plan out how to make it happen. The phone rang about that time, but I didn’t answer it. I continued my planning, getting out of the bath and mapping my route to Three Rivers on the bike. There would be too days travel either way and I wanted to spend 3 days with him... seven days. How was I going to make that work? I didn’t know, but I just trusted that all would come together.

Shortly after I had fully committed to a Journey to Three Rivers I looked at the phone and saw that it was Blue Cloud who called... He was coming to Sedona and would arrive Monday night...

The rest of the day Sunday and Monday I followed my guidance, working on the projects diligently. When my teacher arrived, it became very clear what is happening and why I was guided to do what I was doing... at the end of the evening, I was driving Blue Cloud back to his place, we were discussing the happenings around us and I had a vision. As I shared what I saw, out the front windshield we both witnessed a long shooting star cross the horizon. I know... The best place for me right now is right here and I accept. I do the work... I create.

And so the Journey does continue, even though there is no travel I am moving with the rhythm of the Universe and I am free...

So, click here and become one of the Heroes of the Now, bringing consciousness to Humanity during these transformational times.

Love and Kindness,

the Buffalo Diaries

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  1. ✈ I meditated earlier on what it truly means to be a hero, and was pleasantly surprised to see your message this morning...God's will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. Evidently, more of us are seeing the shifts ✈