Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Just doing...

I had no idea when I woke up this morning, I would be publishing a book today! But that is what happened... I am almost there. There wasn’t any thinking about it, nor is there now as I write this last entry in the Buffalo Diaries before going to print. That’s right, I am publishing these journals as my first book! Wow, is all I can say out loud at this moment. I wrote of my experience for three months and was told the other day that I would be publishing very soon. I thought Heroes of the Now would come out first, but not so...

This has been quite an experience... I am a little emotional as I write this, having completed something of Divine guidance. When I started writing these diaries, little did I know they would be my first book...

So, as this phase of my Journey comes to a close I feel light, free and filled with joy! I trust Creator and my Authentic Self to guide me as I continue. The next step is to publish the Buffalo Diaries so I am.

I have come to see in my experience that we have all that we need to do whatever we want in this life. If we are ever-present, conscious and aware we create the space to be. And that is what is precious, the true gift. As I have come to know my Authentic Self, I see that Love and Kindness is my True Nature and anything other than is indication that something is amiss. Go after it, I do, with great fervor... relentless in my pursuit of the Truth, I continue.

And therein is the key... To continue.

My responsibility is to myself, to remain true to my Authentic Being. If I do this, I am aligned with all Creation and carry Love and Kindness to all situations and experiences. This is the gift we all could share if we wanted to. It is accessible to all and quite honestly will likely become the necessary route for all of humanity. Forgiveness and release would cleanse humankind like no other experience we have collectively experienced. If everybody took total personal responsibility for every thought, word or action they had ever created in any lifetime, reality or dimension and in any state of consciousness the world would be a different place. Perhaps heaven on earth... Can we make it so?

I now think so... I have experienced healing on a level only described as miraculous. Love and kindness, along with the forgiveness and release is the access point, but the depth to which we seek is our own. Each of us willing to go as far as we might on any given day or in any given moment. And what we see is our own as well. We see what we want to see... Ask for the Truth and it is shown. Accept the lies and the world becomes a dark and resistive place.

I choose Creation, Light and Love! I follow the energy, my Authentic Self at the helm, the Journey continues... the Buffalo Diaries, like myself will move and change... develop and grow, never striving for anything, rather listening for the grass breathing, as the wind whispers and the rain clouds gather... There is a storm outside, yet a calm is here in my presence. I am in my purpose and I proceed with the knowing that this is what I am to do.

And so I continue, as the Raven spoke a week ago. As I listen and act, shortening the time lag between guidance and movement I notice that things are speeding up. Density... slowness is a symptom, signaling the need to build the light and speed the frequency up, to move faster than fast as the fractals emerge. Brilliant bright shining white light is other than dense... and I am that, so I move with all Creation...

Thank you all for reading and providing comments and feedback. I am excited to see where this leads and what new discoveries await as the next phase of my life and the Buffalo Diaries comes to be... if you care to follow along, the Buffalo Diaries will soon be hosted at

Love and Kindness, Marc

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  1. Congratulations! I am so happy for you. All the best.