Thursday, April 1, 2010

Coming Home...

In the face of it all, I ask myself how I want to be? What do I want to carry with me on my Journey? Why do I do what I do and Who am I? I am the embodiment of the Original Creator, my actions, words and thoughts are aligned with Creator and I am the Light of this Body. Fear and Love on the spectrum of vibration are markedly different in tone. Creation is the vibration of Love, other than Creation is the vibration of Fear.

I am aware of Anti-Creation energy, what it feels like, sounds like, tastes like... How my body senses it. It is a clenching, a holding that stifles Creation. When I walk outside or sit here as I write, I have an overwhelming wonder of it all. I am present with the energy of Creation and my body, mind and spirit align to joy and miraculous happenings. There is only the One. All comes from the One and All returns to the One. In Beauty I walk with Creation, harmonious, balanced and free.

I release all affiliations to beings, entities, gods and goddesses, traditions and religions... all things created by the mind of man that go against Creation. I release all connections to thoughts, words and actions that are other than Love and Kindness. I let it all go, and turn myself over to the Original Creator of All That Is. I am being shown all the times, throughout all lifetimes where I turned myself over to something other than Creator and it is time to release those attachments. They no longer serve my highest and best good, perhaps never serving my highest and best good, but no matter I release them all. I am here and now and I can see the Truth.

I am the Light of this Body,
The Universal One,
Beyond the Mind,
I am a complete Radiant Being.

What did Creator intend and what are we here to do that we couldn’t do in etheric form? Why are we having the experiences that we are? Why is there so much Fear and Loathing in the World today and why is it mongered to the masses in steady streams? Why are the masses presented with such Anti-Creation energy through all the media outlets throughout the World? Why do most blindly accept this to be the true reality?

Love and Kindness is the energy of Creation. When I stand with the energy of the morning and tune my senses beyond the mind, I come to see the Love all around in Nature. It has been asked before... Do the Winged People, the Four-Legged People, the Tree People, the Stone People... Does Nature abhor Creation as Human has come to? Why have we as a species, for the most part, come to press our illusion upon Creation itself? Taking from our Mother Earth more than we need, yet there is so much suffering in the World today. There are so many that perceivably are living in lack... To be sure there is much that Humanity on the whole supports that goes against Creation.

Yet, as I sit here with the window open I hear the birds singing joyously to the rays of the Sun. They are singing Creation songs in earnest, just for the sake of celebration. There is joy in their hearts... I watched the other day as a little bird was playing on my car. That beautiful little bird was hopping back and forth between the lower rim of my side mirror and the top... As I watched, in wonder this little creation seemed to be looking in the mirror... and singing. Back and forth, back and forth. Catching a glimpse of itself each time it perched on the lower rim, then falling away from it’s precarious perch to take the short flight to the top, then back again.

It did this on the drivers side, then flew over to the passenger side and continued this action. As though this little bird, content and joyous, was celebrating its perfect reflection of Creator through it’s actions. At that moment, back and forth on the mirror, seeing its perfect reflection of Creators Loving intent it sang. A beautiful and unique song of Love, this little bird sang and it filled my heart with joy and brought a smile to my face.

When I look in the mirror, this is what I want to see. The reflection is Creation itself. When I look around me I see Creation and I sing. Creation is life, empowering and nurturing this energy is the vibration of Love, the vibration of the Universe. I allow this frequency to permeate all aspects of my being, my life, my experiences. I allow this vibration to flow through me and to work through me as Creator intended. I share Love and Kindness... Love is all there is... Look behind anything and what do you find? Love.

Love is the energy and vibration of the Universe... Love is the Source of all Creation.

Love is the spark within that ignites the cleansing fire of purification. Love allows all to be equal, free and responsible. Love endures... Love breaks down the barriers placed by fear, embracing wholeness it seeks peace and unity.

I feel as though I am being drawn back to something... coming home I rejoice!

Love and Kindness,

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