Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring 2010

The energy is flowing now, still releasing today... Big releases allowing my energy to return. Allowing all to happen as it is... No judgement, but acceptance and appreciation. Every moment blissful awareness coming in waves of gratitude. I have come to know so many new things about myself and how it all works. I see when I am in the flow and every experience is perfect and appropriate and I can feel it when I am not.

Residing in the present with the natural ebb and flow of energy currents has been my experience. I remain attuned to the vibrations all around me, learning and discovering how best to be in it all. Love is the answer. Compassion and understanding brings about the space for joy and bliss. Sovereignty of my own energy allows for an openness I have not experienced before. Understanding myself and taking total personal responsibility for all my thoughts, words and actions has opened me up in ways I had never before known possible.

And so it is... my new life is amazing! I am moving forward now and having a wonderful time listening to the musings of my soul. I am finding ways to create, communicate, bring about community and live to my purpose. It is invigorating.

These are transformational times and we are here now... Ride the waves and enjoy the ride.

Love and Kindness,

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