Sunday, March 21, 2010


I am contemplating the health and vitality of my physical body this morning and have come to see the importance of consciousness when caring for it. In the old ways, there was no consciousness involved, rather I put things in my body that were very detrimental to it’s ability to function. Decades of fast food, alcohol, Marlboros, processed foods, high fructose corn syrup, artificial ingredients... the list goes on. Take a quick look at what you’ve eaten in the past 48 hours and one can get a sense of the potential to pollute the body.

In the US, it is far easier to fill the body with things that do not assist in peak functioning. Hectic lifestyles, jobs, kids, family, friends, etc can set up conditions that don’t allow for the time to adequately care for the body. I know this first hand from years of living in the world by the old ways. I allowed my body to take the back seat, not realizing that caring for it as the vessel that allows my Soul to express itself is the key.

Mindfulness in this area has revealed to me now just how toxic I used to be. I haven’t eaten artificial ingredients, drank alcohol or subjected my body to any other “man-made” foods in the past couple of years. I have recently discovered that I may be allergic to wheat, or something about it (gluten?) And so I have removed that from my diet. I am finding that my body is telling me what is good for it by how well I feel.

We are really such perfectly functioning organisms and our physical state should reflect that. Anything other than this is an illusion, an agreement that it should be some other way.

I have seen when I was polluting my body with all the toxins available to me I was inadequately prepared to address much of anything. Much of the days spent trying to stimulate with caffeine or remedy a “hang-over” from food or alcohol. Now I understand that each of the things we ingest carries a frequency with it. Alcohol, for example, carries a dense, thick and sticky frequency often associated with what I call hell realms. Historically, alcohol hasn’t brought about a mass shift in higher consciousness I don’t think, rather it has lowered the collective vibration of those societies that it has come into contact with. What do you think when looking at it from a health and wellness perspective?

Artificial flavors and “man-made” enhancements have another frequency that is very detrimental to body function, yet they are EVERYWHERE! Why is that? Just take a gander in your pantry... Look at the ingredients and lo and behold, what are all those ingredients that you can’t pronounce or don’t know what they are. I choose to know why we as a culture are doing this to ourselves.

Going to the grocery store today it is far easier and less expensive to fuel our bodies with junk. Going organic and all natural is more expensive??!! I don’t understand, but wait I do... Just another component of a society that has created its own pollution, extending all the way to the individual body function. Interesting to say the least...

So, I have found that it has taken an enormous effort at times and tremendous mindfulness to maintain a healthy diet, but it is WORTH IT! It all works in harmony, peaceful mind and healthy body allows the spirit to soar! It comes back to the energetics of it all and the vibrational frequency. When ingesting lower vibrational elements to fuel a high vibrational organism problems occur.

Density begins to invade where faster vibrations are manifest. This impedes energy flow and creates blockages, as you may already know that can lead to physical illness and dis-ease. I have also experienced this density to attract lower vibrational experiences in my life that have been detrimental to my highest good. Energetic realms of experience that cross-over into my here and now have been brought on by body toxicity and subsequently continue to toxify my environment. Knowing how this works, I am better able to manage my energy and the energy around me. I consciously choose what to eat and drink. My body tells me when I need to detox and cleanse. I know what makes my body function well and recognize when it is not, taking steps to identify the source and solutions.

Awareness is paramount, as well as discernment. I am the Light of this body. Therefore, I should be operating at peak performance, everything tuned, light and free. The density stands out calling to me to free the light. I answer the call and go to the work, because behind the physical component of diet and body lies the etheric realms where the energy battles are taking place. I go to these realms of existence to retrieve my energy and I am shown the way to healing.

Back and forth I go, between dimensions I am guided to soar, to learn and understand. To Live a life that is free, balanced, harmonious and filled with the Blessings of the Universe. To be...

Love and kindness,


  1. This area holds great interest for me. I’ve also become aware that the human body is a temple of the soul. A person’s relationship to nutrients and food is critical. How our eating/diet habits affect our spiritual state I feel is tantamount. When I limit my intake of food and consume only the kinds of products and organics deemed healthy, I also tend to feel very light and at ease with my body (and myself.)

    My body also tells me what it thinks about various substances. You mentioned recently discovering a possible wheat allergy. It might have something to do with your blood type. Have you done any research on your Mayan calender (dreamspell) symbol? Love and light.

  2. Ay,

    Thank you so Much for your comments... And many blessings to you for bringing my awareness to the Mayan Calendar symbol...

    My Symbol is the White Solar Wind... Looking into what that means now...

    Any thoughts?

    Love and Kindness,

  3. (Surprise! Here's my photo.)

    Yep ~ I have a few thoughts pertaining to Mayan symbolism, actually. Looking up White solar wind I found out that we have the same solar tone of nine (9). [You can refer to webpage to read about full significance of that.] “Blue storm” was what helped you to ignite your lightbody. You’re basically unhindered by desire, regret or expectation. We're both becoming living models of our newly-created reality. I mentioned blood type because something unusual occurred with me a couple weeks ago. I went to a clinic to get my blood checked. Instead of being diagnosed as O-type as always believed, I am B-positive! (^?^) So anyways…Love, Light and be Positive.