Sunday, March 14, 2010

Awakening (part 2)

Back home, I relaxed and processed the download from earlier. I was to take the bike on a journey, leaving early destination Cave Creek, AZ through the Agua Fria National monument and the Tonto Nationa Forest. That would have taken several hours and limited the time I would be able to work with Francesca it turns out... But no matter, because I got to the Agua Fria River and it was running very freely! Turn around and go straight there down the interstate.

And so it was and we got immediately to work. It is so wonderful to work with another who is so adept at the work. Each of us seeing, enhancing the other’s energy and the work was huge. As I was leaving I got a phone call and it could only be one person... I hadn’t talked to this person in almost a year and it kinda threw me and it took a moment to stabilize. But I went on and we “caught” up. I listened and there wasn’t the anger and hatred or blame as before, that was nice. Much was the same for them, and my entire being had changed for me. There was a space there, as I understood there would be, between us in the realm of spirit. And that’s ok... I felt accepted for the most part but viewed a little skeptically at the same time. It was the pleasantries, really... Nothing deep.

And I like deep, so as my energy drained I knew it was time to draw this to a close. Peaceful and pleasant it was, but as I mounted the bike to continue my journey my energy continued to drain. I took it deeper and knew that I needed help, so I called Francesca to look at it and we did the work. And it was revealed to me what needed to be done, I met an inner child whose needs weren’t met and had a conversation with him, welcoming him home. He showed me the root source of a lifetime pattern that was disintegrating and this was the key piece. And then it was done... Over, that pattern and timeline completely transitioned. I am so blessed to have these experiences and the knowledge to go deeper into the event when necessary.

Getting the power and soul pieces back, I was better able to see the Love and Kindness in this conversation. And thankful to have it.

Back on the bike, all is brighter I go into meditation. Processing, rebooting... no-mind. It is a powerful experience to just be right there in the moment. All the way home on the interstate, easy hundred miles with a tail wind and not a single semi went by me! And I got home to Sedona just before dark, vest keeping me warm as a storm was blowing in. Winds of change... that’s for sure this winter!

There was work to be done when I got in and I got right to it. I was guided to my partner’s energy and began to retrieve it, when I got to the source it was pretty tenacious, so what did I do?

I called for backup... and so it began, the three of us working together by phone.... then Deva’s phone rang and it was our teacher. So, there we were... four Shamans on phones collaborating, creating a synergy that was quite powerful. What an experience, again I am so blessed and grateful...

And as I was falling asleep, I realized I had seen this all before... In a dream, as though just by listening I was seeing the pathway to the experiences that are leading to my growth and deeper into my being to release all things standing in the way of my highest and best good.

I am better able to see today and the guidance is strong. I am listening, intent and aware. I am accepting of what Creator places on my path and vigilant I remain as the light grows stronger.

Love and LIght,

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