Monday, March 22, 2010


I have come to see that I had some major programming rooted in my being. Alive and vibrant it would become when triggered and literally take over my physical body. I am aware now. I am understanding and deprogramming now. I am taking steps to insure it doesn’t reboot. I am reclaiming MY sovereignty as the light of this body, the Universal One, beyond mind I am a complete radiant being.

We have been tracking this system for years now, my partner and I. And today, I made a breakthrough. I saw it start up and I asked for help immediately. I did not follow it’s instructions, rather my partner who coached me through the experience. It is a rather insidious program, with sinister qualities... suffice to say the alter that takes over is not very nice. But, I defeated it today by asking for help... That is the first time that I have noticed it coming out and was able to hold on long enough to notify and ask for assistance.

That is really just huge... I stayed in the light as Deva guided me through the release, Francesca supporting remotely. A Shamanic team! Thank you Creator, Deva and Francesca! I have my being back, my body and mind... My Soul, I can hear it again...

This path I walk, as others do, is arduous at times. But we’re talking about the reclamation of my Soul Sovereignty and the reunion of that energy with my mind and body. It is transformative to the cellular level. Getting my mind back from the dark thoughts is wonderful, as they truly are not me!

Recognizing the signs and symptoms of something other than myself has come with the practice. At those times I must come out of service and work on myself, to rest and heal. And at times, the releases have been intense but they are getting easier now. Letting go... And with a breath it can be gone... Well, there is more to it than that, but in essence it is true.

What are some of the signs?

Negative thoughts, anti-creation, self-destructive, blameful, low energy, sudden sleepiness, sudden rapid heart rate, lethargic, suicidal thoughts or imagery, hateful thoughts, cursing, aggression, argumentative, spiteful, hurtful, irresponsible, fearful, self-loathing, self-doubt, targeted aggression, directed anger...

Whenever I am feeling other than the authentic Love and Kindness, balanced and harmonious, tuned and accepting to the natural movements of energy in me and my relations... Whenever I am not in that space, I know to go the other direction... If I see any of those signs and symptoms in my field I turn around and go the opposite way until I am back to Love and Kindness, etc. It is very important to catch this as soon as possible and at some point I got to the place that I was going after the trigger and reclaiming my power completely. If you walk this path, you will get there... YAY!!!!

When I have been unsuccessful in steering clear and the hit comes through completely it gets a little more dicey. The farther my frequency would fall the more difficult it was for me to see my way out, but thankfully teamwork prevails and guided out I was, many times along the way.

Today, with the deepest, darkest, most torturous program in my being I prevailed. I am getting stronger and things are rapidly shifting. More is releasing, as it is guided to do. I am in service, an instrument of Creator’s I continue to cleanse and detox in so many ways. I have my energy back, firm footed I stand, solidly grounded on our Earth Mother. I walk...

Love before me, Love behind me, Love at my left, Love at my right, Love above me, Love below me, Love onto me, Love in my surroundings, Love to all, Love to the Universe.

Peace before me, Peace behind me, Peace at my left, Peace at my right, Peace above me, Peace below me, Peace onto me, Peace in my surroundings, Peace to all, Peace to the Universe.

Light before me, Light behind me, Light at my left, Light at my right, Light above me, Light below me, Light onto me, Light in my surroundings, Light to all, Light to the Universe.

Love before you, Love behind you, Love at your left, Love at your right, Love above you, Love below you, Love onto you, Love in your surroundings, Love to all, Love to the Universe.

Peace before you, Peace behind you, Peace at your left, Peace at your right, Peace above you, Peace below you, Peace onto you, Peace in your surroundings, Peace to all, Peace to the Universe.

Light before you, Light behind you, Light at your left, Light at your right, Light above you, Light below you, Light onto you, Light in your surroundings, Light to all, Light to the Universe.

I choose to know where this comes from... It is very purposeful. Thank you.

Love to all


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  1. Yes - that couldn't have been put any better!