Thursday, February 25, 2010

Selfless Service...

This morning I contemplate selfless service. Allowing the highest and best good to unfold before me while being present and holding sacred space. I can see just how important the Soul work has been to allow this to occur. I am better able to release my egoic interests because I have come to see that they just get in the way. It will all unfold as it is supposed to if I just relax into the flow, bear witness and am in my heart.

My partner, Deva and I are just finishing a 3 1/2 day Shamanic Healing retreat that we hosted here in Sedona, AZ. The insights, direct experience and healing that is occurring for the participants is truly amazing. Shamanic work is so empowering, as it is participatory in nature. Participants become practitioners very quickly once introduced to non-ordinary reality and after journeying to meet their Shamanic Power Animal.

The work is very empowering, facilitating stronger connection to Source and a better understanding of one’s experience in the world. As one’s practice builds, much of the outer stuff falls away and the source of dis-ease becomes illuminated allowing a practitioner to truly heal wounds of the past.

In being present this last 3 days, holding space, doing Soul Retrieval and guiding these wonderful beings to find their Higher Selves, I realized, again how important it is to remove the “self” from the service.

It is not up to me, Marc to decide what is in someone’s highest and best good... However, by being present, “seeing”, “listening” and holding Sacred Space the energy flows without the “self” involved, I become the “hollow bone”, thus allowing the energy, wisdom and power of creator to flow through me. I become the guide on the journey, allowing Creator to work in this reality through me.

I am to be in Service... I know that, have always known it, even when I didn’t know how. My journey has led me to this place and I step another step on the path.

Much is unfolding as I let go of the self, the amazing adventure continues...

Love and Light,

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