Sunday, February 21, 2010

Checking in with Creator

What I am coming to see is that where I have gone against Creator in my life... Choices, thoughts, words and actions that were not aligned with my original blueprint, these are the places that have created discord in my life. These are the places that I am healing now. I can tell this is happening because there are “tells” in my body. If I listen with an ear to non-ordinary reality, I can see what needs to be addressed.

Many times along the way unconscious thoughts, words and actions bound up my energy and I lost it to the situation... From that point forward, without a conscious effort to get it back, any time a similar frequency of experience occurred, I would re-enact the script as though it were the first time. That just doesn’t make sense... What happened over years of this unconscious behavior is that I developed what’s called wrong knowledge.

As I continue to recover the stuck pieces of my soul energy, it feels as though my being is changing. I understand the nature of my experience much better. As my energy returns my light is becoming stronger and vibrating at a much higher frequency. When density appears it is so out of place... it becomes the elephant in the room, as it were. This is the time to check in with Creator, the Source of all Love.

Going deep into a shamanic meditation brings me to non-ordinary reality. This is the place of dreams... the place where everything has meaning, nothing is out of place and all is available for my learning and understanding. It is the place of extraordinary depth, it is the place of Creation. It is here that I journey to past lives and here that I journey to the past of this life. And it is here that I am beginning to see the blueprint of my Creation.

This is the work to be done... Why am I here? What am I to bring to Creation? How am I to be? A myriad of other questions will come in as you explore the nature of your Creation. It is amazing work, thrilling and exciting I journey to meet myself and discover answers to the questions that have never been answered.

As it becomes clearer I am better able to see my contributions to this lifetime and make choices that are aligned with my Higher Consciousness. I understand wrong knowledge now, seeing that I had developed it along the way and was using it as truth. Ok... So that needs to change and I have a practice to correct the errors of my ways... I do so to freely be in the present moment, the moment of Creation. To better represent the Divine nature Creator intended for my Soul, I continue the work.

So, I move into this day with purposeful intent, steadfast to the practice I forgive and release all that has come before so I may walk peacefully sharing Love with all Creation...

Light and Love

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