Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Wow! I saw something tonight... another insight driven home with clarity and precision, brought on by a myriad of celestial circumstance culminating to crescendo, cascading... coursing cosmic awareness throughout my being. I have been a bit quiet this past week, reflective... releasing the past and continuing the purification.

Like the layers of the onion... more is revealed. These past years of dedicated study, practice and lifestyle changes has transformed my body and spirit, and is cleansing my mind of errant, erratic, erotic, erroneous, egotistical, egoic, economic, etc thoughts. What an amazing journey inward, with many astounding discoveries in every aware moment.

It was here all along, nothing has changed outside of me. Circumstances exist, situations occur, the way of the world is still the same, if not more intense recently, yet I have found a peace. I still am finding density, or darkness in my being and actively releasing as it comes up... Sometimes, getting stuck for a bit, but constantly progressing.

I am learning to Dance, to feel the natural rhythm and flow with it. Turns out, this is easy and the body feels at ease when aligned with all creation, harmonizing, it is an amazing sensation felt deeply to my core. In the Dance, there are ways to get unstuck and back into the flow, but I am learning that it is far better to keep a watchful eye so as to adjust or turn with proper timing.

It is all in the mind, I have discovered. It is the way my mind has been (literally) programmed. Plugged into the matrix of our society’s creation, intent on repressing my true nature and wanting of my intention to perpetuate it. Much of my happiness or unhappiness, sustained or fleeting, has been a product of my thinking. That thinking has been warped by a lifetime of polar experiences, and I must release myself from this programming to experience reality as it truly is... Divine.

Diligent and steadfast, I am awake and aware... conscious. I continue to do the work, I continue to learn, to Dance. Spectacular Creation is when truly considered, observed with reverence, I tune in Spirit and give thanks. I express my gratitude and pledge to walk softly on our Mother. To carry the medicine and respect the teachings... to listen to my inner child whose view is unobscured, fascinated and fresh.

The purification continues, battling my demons has taken on new meaning as I understand better what is happening. As one is released, another is revealed allowing for new healing and growth. I am the Light of this body and darkness will not reside within me. I am walking the path of peace, carrying purposeful intent towards a Loving and Kind life experience.

A person’s present thoughts build his/her life of tomorrow;
a person’s life is the creation of his/her own mind.
The Buddha

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