Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I recently experienced my first Sweat Lodge Ceremony, it was all about purification. Crawling into the womb of the mother, symbolically to be born anew after the cleanse... pure, refreshed and new. Tabula Rasa... a clean slate. Wow, what an experience.

Purposeful intent and prayer the theme for the men’s lodge that was poured by my brother. He spoke of tradition and the need to bring the ceremony into the light, to expose tradition for all to see at this time. To bring all together, as we are one, regardless of race, creed, heritage or belief. We all sat in the womb of the Mother in prayer. We shared words and song, healing and release... each of us battling our own demons, yet with a singularity of purpose and intent held steadfast by our presence together.

The darkness and heat as the stone people glowed in the center of our tiny space illuminated inner knowings... traumatic experiences locked in cellular memory receding as the vibrations of Love and Light brings us all to an expansive state. The darkness merely an illusion as the Light poured forth from our unity of intent and purpose. Purification occurred, as I crawled out of the opening into the chill night air every cell in my being vibrating. Densities still releasing as I stand by the once raging fire, now a bed of coals softly illuminating the essence of the surroundings.

There was peace as I stood there feeling my connection to Spirit; Love and Kindness radiating from my being. I am the embodiment of the Divine and Spirit works through me as a vessel to share Love with all creation. I see that so clearly now. I came face to face with my Authentic Self during Ceremony and I had a lot to say... Carry peaceful intentions always, Marc. Choose Love, not fear or any of its many derivatives. Do no harm... Be true to yourself, follow your path and walk it with integrity. Know yourself, Love yourself... Forgive yourself.

Much of what my brother spoke of in Lodge as he poured the water was about honoring all creation, living with nature, and prayer. It’s all about the prayer, and so we prayed. We prayed alone, we prayed together and in oneness we emerged.

To me, prayer is a state of consciousness... Yes, sometimes there are words or mantras, thoughts and intent, but the more I work with it, the more I see it is the calm, serene or tranquil place the mind gets to when it is at peace. When the mortgage payment isn’t looming or dinner for the kids or relationship issues don’t surface, the boss isn’t still placing demands on you... the list is endless if one gets wrapped up in it all... So, bring the prayer, bring peace and do it often.

Many of life’s experience has weighed heavily on me in the past. I have met much of my journey with resistance these forty some years. I am still learning. I still make mistakes. I still seek forgiveness and am constantly forgiving myself. I have found connections to the past that keep me from having a present authentic moment. And I am letting it all go...

Coming out of Lodge, I see the importance of Purification. I need to have purity in my life right now. I need to have the sacred intentions, as this is my life’s calling. My Authentic Self expressed in this form named Marc.

And now I pray... having purged much of the darkness that was a part of me, I pray. I pray ever vigilance to Truth in Higher Consciousness. I pray the darkness away... I pray forgiveness from past transgressions, I pray peace, I pray Love, Light, Beauty and Grace. I pray discernment. I pray healing and a health body, mind and spirit. I pray...

Peace and Love

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