Monday, January 25, 2010

Where are the Medicine Keepers today?

In our society today, there is such turmoil... I feel it as though it were my own, even though I have been working towards a balanced and peaceful way.  A few weeks ago, while working with 5 other shamans, it finally dawned on me that I was an empathic... That I was experiencing, as though my own, the thoughts, feelings, emotions, pain and suffering of others.  Wow! What a realization...  Add this to my Shamanic studies and path that I have been walking for the past several years and things really started to make more sense.

I have been writing about my experiences of letting go, forgiving and releasing past discrepancies and experiences that were holding my vibration down, a weight has been released!  Literally, I have felt the densities leave me and my physical body has changed... is transforming into the vessel that is capable of running higher frequencies of light.  And as I consciously cultivate the higher frequencies through my body, running light and love, anything that is dense is breaking off... The proverbial "boat anchor" is being released...  Yay!  This is great news, as my old unconscious ways did weight me down and prevent me from seeing and understanding what was right in front of me... That is right in front of all of us, really.

As I step into my True Nature, I understand that I am a Shaman, a Medicine Keeper.  That I can harmonize the world's forces by harmonizing myself...  By living a simple life, aligned with Spirit I come into a more peaceful and balanced relationship with myself and with the world around me.  Is this not harmonizing?  I have seen it to be so...

A great many masters and sages have written and described this in a variety of ways over time.  Inner peace brings outer peace...  the concept is that simple.  However, I can tell you from experience it has been one of the most challenging experiences of my lifetime... and it hasn't ended yet...  Every single day, moment to moment... I am working with the energies.  Identifying what is happening and neutralizing.  As I understand better, it has been easier... However, my past discretions are mine to let go of, they did result from my thoughts, words and actions... my choices and I take total personal responsibility for them.  And as they are forgiven, released and the power and soul parts are returned I am coming into greater wholeness than I have experienced... ever!

As a result, I am seeing clearer now...  I feel the Love that courses through me, Source energy it is, very powerful indeed.  Powerful enough to harmonize the forces of the universe...  Medicine men and women the world over, Shamans all have understood this dynamic for millennia... And for the benefit of the tribe, they do the work to maintain their internal balance, for they know that is the key.

If we are to move into higher frequencies... to leave the density of the world's past behind, then we need the Medicine Keepers now more than ever.  We need so desperately to get it and shift the path that has been tread so deep over time... We can all do the work, we all can find our peace and bring it to all creation... Always and in all ways.

Please take a moment and decide what you wish to carry with you now.  Peaceful vibrations of Love and Light bringing balance and harmony to you and your surroundings?  or something else...  The choice is yours to make.  Will you find the Medicine Keeper in you?

So, in honor and appreciation of the Medicine Keeper who for the well-being of the Tribe harmonizes the world's forces... Thank You!


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