Saturday, January 16, 2010

Total Personal Responsibility

It all comes down to this... I take Total... Personal... Responsibility...  and just let that sink into the depths of your being.  What does that mean, as it courses the waterways of your entire being?  Total Personal Responsibility... Let's get used to the resonance of this frequency and then apply it to all of our thoughts... words...  and actions.  Wow!  Now that is profound!

This is an affirmation to your Soul that you are waking up.  That you are beginning to see just how your thoughts, words and actions are contributing to your current situation.  Let's not apply any judgement, rather just sit in the revelation that whatever is going on in your life right now is something that you are creating...

I have come to see this over the last two years of training, an immersion into Shamanic studies opening my perception to the energy dynamics of the universe.  I put the mirror up  and travelled into the depths of what I saw to discover a truth so profound as to change me completely and forever...

By taking total personal responsibility for all my thoughts, words and actions I came to see what I was making of my life.

When I was angry at someone... I now saw that I was the source of the anger, not the blame that I was projecting on the other person or situation... it was I who could shift the emotion into a place of neutrality and slowly I began to do so in my relations to all creation.  It was such an epiphany when I saw it!

Again, I encourage us all to take it deep, this notion of total personal responsibility...  Because it is the gateway to another way.  It shows us, as we explore it, just what we need to look at in our lives so we can move past the blocks that we have created for ourselves.

Angry at someone?  Put up the mirror...  Look at the anger within you.  Take responsibility for it, recognize that with this anger a cloud forms around you that prevents you from experiencing reality.  Do this with all emotions over the next few hours, days...  Work with this energy and see what comes up.  See the reality around you through the filter of these experiences.

Taking responsibility also means that we can shift... We can choose!   I chose to transmute my dark emotions... thoughts words and actions with Love and Kindness.  Starting by Loving myself completely, I found that I had to heal many aspects of my being... Forgive, Release and let go.  So important these steps were to opening up beyond the world that my darkness had created...

So, the next time you find yourself in an intense emotional experience, perhaps it has escalated to argument or beyond, disengage completely and look inside... Ask yourself, what do I need to see to release the emotional/energetic charge in this situation?  What do I need to let go of, forgive and release?  Then will it to be so... Work with you, first. Choosing Love and Kindness as the basis for all your actions is a good starting point... See what happens as you make this internal shift and align with your authentic heart energy.  This is our gift ... Bringing peace to the world with Love and Kindness.

First we must clear and heal our  internal worlds so we can truly resonate peaceful vibrations into the Universe.  Embrace this new beginning and carry it with you.  Make peace in your daily life... Find Love.  Find Kindness... For all Creation.


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