Saturday, January 9, 2010

Soul Retrieval

Here it is, Saturday morning... 9 days into the new year and I am clearing the way to a new reality.  I have discovered a life-long energy stream that I carried into this dimension... this 3-dimensional reality, it appears from birth.  Sounds strange... but it doesn't make it any less real for me.

My belief as to whether or not something is happening in a spiritual or paranormal way does not negate the actual happening of said experience. There are other dimensional realities, spirit worlds, higher dimensional states of consciousness where entire "mirror" worlds exist.  These mirror worlds contain all the energy, thoughts and intentions that are present in my 3-d state of experience.  So, if I am making unconscious choices that are not aligned to the light in my 3-d world, the energetic worlds respond in kind by taking my soul energy into darker and darker places.  This is a cycle as well... as my 3-d choices take me further away from my Soul's growth, my corresponding mirror worlds become darker and more entangled with the demons and entities that are for the dark side.  The darker my spirit worlds are, the more I see darkness all around me...

It seems that all the unconscious choices that I have made during my life, especially those that were not aligned with my higher consciousness or that did not advance my soul development, have created a perpetual situation that is playing out in my current 3-dimension reality... a loop, infinite in nature until broken, my experiences and choices for experience will continue to be "a little bit of history repeating"... until I break the cycle completely and create a new experience.

 What am I trying to say?  It is forming, the words to express what I am seeing in a shamanic way... Please be patient with me as I express the profundity of these insights.

The choices that I made along the way... each had Soul implications.  Was I in alignment with my highest truth, that which advances my spiritual development or did my choice go against that and move me further away from my Soul's Journey?  So, let me say this about my Soul's Journey... I believe human beings are spiritual, multi-dimensional beings with great capacity for universal truth and knowledge. That we are here, in this plane of reality to experience something very profound.  That we are to realize that we are the source of creation and that we can rise up out of the darkness perpetuated by our societal view. And that our pure energy, our Authentic Self wants to return to the wholeness that it once knew... to be reconnected to the brilliant, loving and pure unconditional love of Source.

Herein lies the crux, as I have seen it...  I was so wrapped up in the world that I had created with society's permission that I was completely blind to any other option.  For me, my career, marriage, habits, addictions, personal and family views all contributed to being part of the system... A "cog in the wheel", just another piece in a perpetual puzzle designed to keep us all in the dark.  To keep us from seeing, let alone experiencing the truth...

It has taken a great deal of personal effort to come to this place of understanding, along with a willingness to let things go... as I have said before.  Healing the past with soul retrieval has been very effective.  As I journey and retrieve lost pieces of my vital life energy, or Soul, my being is coming to a place of wholeness I have not known in this lifetime. Most all of my life choices, and I take total personal responsibility for them, have been mis-aligned to my authentic self and thereby created the fracture.  As I heal those infractions, I now see that I am developing new habits and behaviors that are more aligned to my highest and best good. I am now making conscious decisions and creating thoughts, words and actions that further my soul's development... This is a good thing!  As I said the other day... I can't go back!  As I continue, my physical body is becoming healthier and more alive, my mind is becoming less chaotic and spastic and my spirit is thriving... It is all connected, if one is out of balance so to are the others... and if the individual is out of balance, so to is the world around them.

So, today I am off to Scottsdale to participate in some Shamanic training and healing sessions. Yay!

Peace and Love everyone!


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