Tuesday, December 1, 2009


It seems that every day brings new inspiration to my life. The Thanksgiving weekend brought much introspection and healing. I received an amazing healing session on Thanksgiving day that brought awareness to my thoughts, words and actions relating to abundance. I spent most of the day meditating on the insights of the session and released many destructive thought and energy patterns.

I make time for myself to experience the wonder of all that is. Sitting quietly on the porch, the chill autumn desert breeze carrying errant thoughts away, I search for the stillness. In the desiccated leaf that broke bud many moons ago, I see the simple complexity of the experience. All things change.  This leaf, once alive, now blowing in the breeze barely hanging on to what once was. Eventually, it will let go and find itself on a new path, back to source to support new life. It will join all the other leaves, becoming mulch to nourish the earth so new life can spring forth next spring.

The old ways are dying in me, those unhealthy patterns and behaviors I used to bully my way through life are in the autumn of their existence. They are drying up from lack of use and many have let go already, swept out by the winds of change.

The old ways were keeping me from my true purpose and blinding me to my authentic self. I can see now and am excited by this adventure. I seek stillness and in doing so have found a pathway to the Divine that is returning my being to wholeness; balancing mind, body and spirit. This has brought about incredible energy, increased vitality, better health, stronger life force, amazing insights, synchronicity and abundance.

Humbly, I navigate new opportunities that have opened to me as the old ways crumble.  I receive gratefully the offerings of the universe, now recognizing the Divinity in my surroundings and experience. I am inspired, as I see there is nothing to become. I am already here, layer after layer that releases merely revealing what has been all along.

In this new light, I now truly experience the miraculous and beautiful world that exists all around us.


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